Getting to the Heart of Data for Life Science Organisations

Published January 18 2018 by Adam Spurr
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“The New Health Economy will focus increasingly on paying for the value rather than the volume of medical care; in other words, it will be a more consumer-facing industry.”*

For Pharmaceuticals and Life Science firms this means understanding what your customers want and need and responding to it, rather than just selling what you produce. Simply relying on big data projects and an expectation they will produce well-articulated analytics is not enough. The right technology is the key to your making informed strategic decisions.

Read our eBook and learn how to:

  • Compile and analyse diverse data sources
  • Increase speed of access to the right information
  • Provide full visibility of company-wide data across distinct functions
  • Drive the business forward with business intelligence

If you recognise some of these common pain points, what we call business outcomes, hear from Fullscope customer Dr Jürgen Harter VP, Information Systems, Horizon Discovery Ltd, he says;

''CRM for us is not a piece of technology it is a business philosophy and about making our company customer centric.'' 

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* The Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences Trends report 2017

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