Global Specialty Chemical Manufacturer, INOLEX Goes Live On Dynamics 365 Finance in 3 Months

Published March 7 2018 by Emir Dobraca
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If you use organic makeup, it may contain ingredients from Fullscope customer INOLEX.

Throughout its 125-year history, INOLEX has been on the forefront of applying new technologies to anticipate and develop unique solutions for cosmetics. The team at INOLEX believes that what people put on their body matters—and they know that the right ingredients make the difference. INOLEX works closely with leading beauty care brands around the world, combining core scientific expertise with a deep understanding of market needs to deliver safe, effective and sustainable ingredients.  

Legacy System

INOLEX was previously using a 30-year-old legacy system that was customized for its business, but was no longer meeting its financial and operational needs. “We were utilizing two separate systems,” says Maggie Dominguez, project manager for the ERP implementation at INOLEX. “We were using a financial system to capture our financial transactions, and then using our legacy system to capture our entire quality manufacturing and operations, shipping, customer service—everything,” explains Dominguez.

The two systems were not integrated, so information was disjointed. “It was difficult to communicate processes throughout the business only verbally, by email, or by telephone,” says Dominguez. “INOLEX was looking for one, integrated system that would bring together the entire organization and our processes to better serve our customers,” continues Dominguez.

The team at INOLEX determined that Microsoft Dynamics was the best fit for their long-term goal of growing the business internationally.

Workload Approach

Fullscope and INOLEX, in a detailed implementation workshop, developed a tailored deployment strategy which resulted in a workload approach. This approach enabled INOLEX to implement its Finance workload first to minimize business disruption and realize value quicker. Lastly, it set-up a solid foundation to build out future workloads, i.e., Supply Chain and Production.  “Out of all the partners we engaged, Fullscope was the only one who agreed to a two-phase implementation, which was very important to us,” says Dominguez. “We didn't want to have a full big bang implementation, and needed to hit our target date of July 1st, 2017, to switch over into our new fiscal year,” explains Dominguez.


ChemXpress and Edge for Operations

INChemXPress Logo.pngOLEX utilized Fullscope's ChemXpress, a deployment template that can significantly decrease the time it takes to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Fullscope developed ChemXpress by drawing from over 30 combined years of experience implementing Microsoft solutions for chemical companies.


Rapid Deployment Image_ChemExpress.png

INOLEX began its implementation April 1,2017 and completed it in just three months by the target date of July 1, 2017. “We set up the cloud infrastructure, we did our training, we did all our process development, we did our UAT's and our testing,” says Dominguez. “We were able to close the month, close the year, and go live on finance in three months,” continues Dominguez.

Edge for Operations Logo-893983-edited.pngINOLEX also selected Fullscope’s EDGE for Operations product to round out its Dynamics 365 solution. EDGE for Operations improves quality processes leading to reduced cost, more efficient material handling and mitigated risks, and more.


To learn more about the benefits Inolex is experiencing, and more about Phase II of their product roll-out, check out the full success story or watch the videos. Let us know if you have any questions about Microsoft and Fullscope solutions for chemical manufacturing companies.

As an account executive specializing in the chemical industry, Emir helps companies begin their digital transformation. He knows the unique challenges that face the industry, like regulatory requirements, quality controls and traceability, and helps companies harness technology to meet these goals.

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