How Dynamics 365 Can Help to Transform Your Business

Published July 26 2019 by Daniel Spurr
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With the right CRM solution, you can not only manage your customer relationships, you can also see very real benefits by leveraging the data to improve business decision-making.

When you make the decision to implement a CRM system into your business, the impetus may be to help transform your relationship with your customers. However, one of the benefits of implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that it can also help to transform the business itself.

Having access to full data about every interaction with customers, combined with the dashboards contained within Dynamics 365, gives business leaders the ability to assess how its staff work, find the most effective approaches and use this to coach other team members.

Mark Sykes, Head of professional services firm BDODrive UK, explains: “We spent a lot of time building dashboards that were the key metrics of driving our business forward, not just pure financial metrics, but what does ‘good’ look like, and then using the system to drive those statistics through. We were able to encourage the right kind of behaviours and we were able to track that through the system.”

The CRM system will also enable managers to leverage the data to make fully informed business decisions about areas such as where recruitment should be focused, where investment is needed for future growth, and even which areas of the website are working and which need to be developed.

Mark adds: “D365 has actually given us so much more agility compared to where we were before. When we kick around ideas about what we would like the business to do or how we would like to engage with our clients, our default position is now ‘let’s see if we can do that using D365’. We have spun out challenges for the teams in terms of adoption. We’ve spun out engagement campaigns for clients when we’ve sponsored events, we’ve run whole campaigns through the system and worked out engagement from the targets. But also, on a practical level, we’ve been able to move work into the right locations and track whether people have been responding back on time.”

If you would like to learn more about how BDODrive transformed its business by implementing Dynamics 365, click here to download the eBook about their business transformation CLICK HERE. Alternatively BDODrive’s account manager Daniel Spurr would be happy to chat with you.  


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