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How Specialty Chemical Manufacturers Can Grow Internationally

Published May 29 2018
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Growing internationally is an inevitable challenge that companies must face to remain competitive and capture new opportunities. Often, it can mean acquiring new companies around the globe, which then leads to new marketplaces for products and services as well as a new source for raw materials. However, expansion through acquisition presents its own challenges. Many U.S chemical manufacturing companies reach a point where in order to grow they need to expand and change internally. Unfortunately, many companies never truly achieve this--they are simply U.S companies with international locations and not a true global company with streamlined business processes throughout.

As companies make international acquisitions, they tend to leave the acquired companies on their legacy ERP systems using their own legacy business processes. But a true global organization can streamline business processes and have a real-time, accurate view into all operations around the globe. Being an integrated and streamlined company is key to being a true successful globally operated organization.

A Solution for the Best Way to Grow Internationally:

Implementing an Effective Global Solution Helps With:
  • Creating one common platform throughout each company location around the globe
    • Better alignment between corporate and business units
    • Visibility into performance metrics and entire enterprise
  • Change Management
  • Intercompany Trading
  • Multilanguage barriers
  • Multicurrency

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations: A Global ERP Solution

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