How Technology can Drive your Customer Service Transformation

Published July 18 2017 by Jennifer Alspach
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Progressive service firms understand the need to replace outdated and disparate technologies with holistic solutions that integrate sales, service and marketing efforts. Today’s cloud based technology solutions enable services firms to connect with employees and customers at any time, across any device - a level of connectivity that legacy systems can’t provide. To truly drive a transformation in your customer experience, you have to consider the changing role that technology plays in your business. Begin by considering what areas of the customer experience you want to prioritize for improvement and what business impact you’re looking to achieve. Once you’ve identified your key business outcomes or goals, you can work with a trusted technology advisor to build a plan for the underlying technology you’ll need.

Service Firms are Betting on Microsoft

Beyond being a cloud leader, Microsoft is also known for their business productivity tools. Tools that facilitate collaboration, increase productivity and reduce costs. More and more service firms are choosing Microsoft technologies to enhance their customer experience because of the integration of the technology across sales, service and marketing. Microsoft’s latest solution, Dynamics 365, provides service firms with a unified platform that’s optimized for any mobile operating system or device. When using Dynamics 365 along with Microsoft’s other offerings that you may already have invested in, like Office 365 or Skype, you can improve processes across areas of your business, like Opportunity Management, Team Collaboration and Customer Billing. If you’re not familiar with these technologies, or how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help your organization, check-out this video.

Microsoft is committed to helping service firms engage with customers in new and innovative ways and invests more than $10 billion annually in research and development across the business. Microsoft’s Dynamics team is dedicated to building roadmaps and industry-specific functionality for professional services organizations. This team includes focused resources charged with looking 5 to 10 years into the future to identify market trends that will affect the industry.

How Edgewater Fullscope Helps Service Firms

Edgewater Fullscope is an award-winning Microsoft Dynamics partner, with over 10 global and national Microsoft awards. We help professional service firms improve their customer experience by using technology to empower their teams across sales, service and marketing. We also have unique adoption and training services to ensure your firm understands and embraces the latest technologies, ultimately providing improved levels of service for your customers. Contact us to schedule a Customer Experience Evaluation.

Jennifer is a seasoned marketer with a passion for CRM. She knows that CRM can help you work as smart as you do hard. Jennifer has a software focused background in Distribution, Manufacturing, and Services.

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