How to Improve Property Inventory Management

Published August 12 2019 by Art Small
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As a property management operation leader, you may be looking for a better way to keep track of inventory of properties; whether that be by understanding what is available, understanding what showings you may be having, or understanding more about where in the leasing process a potential renter is. All of this information should easily be accessible in an overall property management software solution.

How to Improve Property Management Inventory

Alithya’s Property Management Accelerator provides you with the information needed to better understand your inventory and manage it.

  • Easily view active properties: which units are available, rented and other statistics about the units
  • In depth intel on leases
  • Ability to create Business Process Flows: help to guide the process of getting leases renewed or the process of handling a new lease
  • Many related functions

How to Improve Property Inventory Management

Having an effective property management software solution helps aid in the success of your business. The software you use helps to improve the happiness of your tenants, increase the value of your property through maintaining maintenance services and ultimately lead to enhancing your property’s income.

Take a look at the 4 minute demo video below to see Alithya's Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics 365 in action.


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