Improving Lead Qualification in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Published March 22 2017 by David Kohar
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When we look at the lead qualification process in Microsoft Dynamics 365, there is a standard outcome for a lead that includes creating a new Account, Contact and Opportunity when a lead is “Qualified” (see diagram of Qualifying Leads above).  When the lead is disqualified, no new records get created and in either situation the Lead record becomes a closed record in the solution.

Often, an Account or Contact already exist in the solution, so what then?  No problem.  A Lead can get associated to an existing Account and/or Contact and when the lead is “Qualified”, only a new Opportunity is created and it gets associated to the existing Account and Contact (see the fields “Existing Contact?” and “Existing Account?” in the process bar).

Highlighting existing contact and existing account


This process works well for many customers, most of the time. But what if you don’t want to create an Opportunity every time or you want to associate the “Qualified” Lead to an existing Opportunity?  For example, you get 5 Leads from a Trade Show that all work at the same Company and you want to “Qualify” the Leads and only create 1 Opportunity.  This scenario is not supported out of the box so we have created our Lead Qualification Solution to handle this scenario, check out this video showing it.

Specifically, our Lead Qualification Solution allows you to do 2 critical additional options:

1. Not create an Opportunity

The solution allows you to set the Opportunity Creation to “No” but still allow you to use the “Qualify” features out of the box

qualification box highlighting ability to not create an account

2. Associate to an Existing Opportunity

The Solution allows you to associate the Lead to an existing Opportunity and then see the Opportunity with multiple Leads associated to it

Associate leads to an existing opportunity

Interested in how you can implement this solution for your organization?

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