Increase Forecast Accuracy With This Easy Tool

Published January 10 2018 by Mary Bradley
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Fullscope's Forecast Accuracy for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly CRM) takes the guess work out of how accurate your sales team is when providing pipeline reports. The solution provides a trend of how accurate your sales team has been at forecasting their opportunities. The tool is based on the current pipeline, or even an individual deal that a sales representative is forecasting. Forecast Accuracy answers three key questions:

  1. How likely is your sales professional to win the deal?
  2. How likely are they to win it in the time frame they are forecasting?
  3. How likely are they to win for the amount they are forecasting?

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Real-life Example:

Problem: Forecast accuracy ratings are based on gut feelings from salespeople

Solution: Base your accuracy on actual data and history with the Fullscope Forecast Accuracy. When a sales professional has rated a deal as, for example, best case, most likely, or commit, what were the actual win rates? If they say 80% chance of close, historically has that meant 65%? Adjust and retrain based on actual numbers.

With the right tools, you can focus and act on the right priorities within pipeline and forecasting, and act with confidence. You can derive meaningful intelligence from large amounts of complex data to engage your customers in more personalized, effective ways through customer intelligence. Download this Address Sales Pipeline and Forecast Accuracy Challenges with 3 Easy Tools eBook to know more.


With a diverse background across, advertising, marketing, technical consulting and sales, Mary has a great understanding of different industries, how they function, and what makes them successful. She has a strong CRM background including hands-on experience with Dynamics CRM (now Dynamics 365) since the 3.0 days, and Mary’s customers will tell you that her true talent is getting up to speed on business processes quickly, and understanding the lifecycle of a customer across many different industries and types of organizations.

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