Is it Time to Upgrade Your ERP or CRM System?

Published March 27 2019

The software a company runs on is one of the most integral parts of any organization – it’s what helps to keep the wheels spinning smoothly. From the perspective of an employee all the way through the customer journey, a CRM or ERP system addresses the requirements and challenges met through each phase of a business’s journey.  However, in some cases challenges that a company may face can derive from the very thing that was meant to help – software should not be the root of your business challenges but the solution. Similar to all other equipment used by a business, software needs to represent changes based on time and new requirements.

Do these business issues sound familiar:

  • Operational inefficiencies
  • Missed sales opportunities
  • Outdated systems
  • Underutilized systems
  • Limited access to critical data
  • Delayed reporting
  • Inability to meet regulatory compliance
  • Manual processes increasing

Companies should look toward a CRM and/or ERP system that streamlines the business, improves customer relations and increases bottom line. But beyond all that, the ultimate goal is to become a business that delivers seamless and consistent customer experiences.

If you’re coming to terms with the idea that yes, you need an upgraded ERP or CRM system, then the next step that needs to be taken is to decide which solution to move forward with. 

Upgrading Your CRM or ERP System to the Cloud

When your company is in the cloud (Microsoft Dynamics 365) and the data is managed for you, the focus then shifts to what matters most – the core of what you do in your business and what you do well. Valuable time doesn’t need to be spent concentrating on putting in new technology because in the cloud, implementing new technology means a faster roll out and quicker availability to users.

Real life example: Travel Counsellors moves from on-prem to cloud CRM.

Possible scenario: Let’s say you’re going through an acquisition and you need to bring in new technology to that acquisition. A company can stand up on its feet  faster, and easier with that capability of the cloud.

Additionally, there should not be a threat to security or disaster protection, which is why the ability to leverage Azure and the additional benefits through Microsoft cloud are ideal.

Once you identify WHY you need an upgrade you then need to determine who will help...  Watch this webcast as our panel of experts with 1000+ customer experiences discuss best practices as you make the transition from searching to happy customer.