Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Helping You Hit Your Sales Numbers?

Published December 11 2018 by Patrick Lewis
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Your company has invested a lot into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM initiative. As the Sales VP, you have invested a lot into the initiative, not to mention you've committed to the business that CRM is going to take your sales organization to the next level.  

Your neck is now on the line for your sales pipeline and ultimately growth goals, but you have no way to see if you are on target because the team seems completely uninterested in CRM.

By now you realize that your CRM investment is only useful if the sales team knows how to leverage its power – implementation will only take you so far. So c’mon Wonka, you now need to supply your team with the golden ticket that will inspire them to jump on the Dynamics 365 train and truly maximize the investment made.

We understand the investment you’ve made and know that failure is not an option. We are here to help, with the secret to CRM success so you can hit your goals.

Remember the cool demos you saw before you started your CRM initiative? The ones with the dashboards that made it look obvious and easy to know your sales numbers? We know the keys to making it all work. Watch this 9 minute video to learn more.


As the Director of Business Outcomes and CRM Success, Patrick has more than 25 years in customer relationship management. He’s worked across Manufacturing, Professional Services, Sports, and Financial Services industries. Patrick’s primary areas of focus are organizational change management, and business process.

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