Learn More About Your Tenants and Units with a Valuable Property Management Solution

Published June 4 2019 by Mary Bradley
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As a commercial, residential or mixed use property management group, your business thrives on positive tenant experiences. Positive impressions ultimately builds more bottom line. Enter Alithya's Property Management Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics 365. The capability of your technology is what determines the success of your day to day operations and with that satisfied clientele who contribute to your business’s bottom line. 

Property Management Accelerator helps you:  

  • Understand your properties, amenities and availability
  • Understand your lease statuses and further automate the leasing process
  • Know your tenants and their wants, interests and needs
  • Strengthen tenant relationships and improve bottom line
  • See tenants and history in an above property view

Here are just some of the types of information you can easily access about your property(s) within Microsoft Dynamics 365:

  • View information on all of your active properties
    • View vacancy rates
    • Occupancy
    • Amenities/assets
    • Contact information
    • Property partnerships
    • Neighborhood information
    • Parking and more


  • Information about all of your individual units across all properties
    • Whether a unit is rented, vacant or unavailable for rent due to various reasons
    • Size of the unit and features
    • Appliances, assets and warranties
    • Activities, tasks and appointments for each unit
    • Lease holder/tenant information and
    • Members of household in residential including pets
    • Payment dates
    • Work orders
    • Prospective residents or tenants

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As a result of the robust amount of information known about each tenant and unit, any needs that your tenants may have – such as scheduling work order requests or any future lease changes they wish to make - are immediately met in a timely and proactive manner.

Take a look at the 4 minute demo video below to see just some of Alithya's Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics 365 in action.


With a diverse background across, advertising, marketing, technical consulting and sales, Mary has a great understanding of different industries, how they function, and what makes them successful. She has a strong CRM background including hands-on experience with Dynamics CRM (now Dynamics 365) since the 3.0 days, and Salesforce.com. Mary’s customers will tell you that her true talent is getting up to speed on business processes quickly, and understanding the lifecycle of a customer across many different industries and types of organizations.

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