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Learn Why Our Customers Select Microsoft and Alithya

Published July 21 2020

Understanding and tackling the most complex challenges to grow, transform, and evolve your business is our mission for every Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation. Together with Microsoft, we focus on our customers business outcomes using the Dynamics 365 platform and adopting Cloud-based strategies.

Below are just a few examples of why our customers chose Microsoft Dynamics and Alithya - and why you should, too:

Why Microsoft Dynamics

Go with what you know:

“We’re a Microsoft shop…we thought it would be good synergies for the longer term roadmap of our technology strategy, that we would stay within the Microsoft platform.” - Anne Wightman, VP of Global IT, A.W. Chesterton

“Microsoft ultimately was an easy choice… when it came down to it, we’re a Microsoft shop. One of the things that was really attractive to us was the integration with other Microsoft applications, so Power BI for data visualization, Outlook, Share Point, AX is our ERP, so all of those integrations are made much more easily through having Microsoft CRM.” - Taj Tinsley, Marketing Operations and Program Manager, A-dec

“We were predominately a Microsoft shop…that’s a natural growth. Another reason was we looked at the other large sized solutions and one of the things we were focused on was the agility of the system, using the state of the art infrastructure like cloud based systems and the ability to extend it with the lowest cost possible – all of these in my view came with Microsoft.” - Meen Sathish, Director, Business Outcomes, Iovate

Constantly evolving and driving change:

“Microsoft Dynamics is a tool that has fit in every scenario I've been in. It's constantly evolving and driving change. Microsoft’s releases and enhancements help businesses stay on top with emerging technologies that help us do things faster—anywhere, anytime, anyplace. You really must focus on what tool is going to be the best tool for the job. And so far, I’ve found that to be Microsoft Dynamics.” - Maureen Hurley, Senior Technical Architect , Sekisui Voltek


“We were already a Microsoft shop and wanted a fully integrated solution that would be there for the long haul.” - Troy Fridley, SVP, Information Technology, Kent Corporation

Why Alithya

No problem too big or too small:

“We very quickly realized that Alithya was the right partner for us, because they were very engaged. No problem was too big or too small for them to work with us on.” - Anne Wightman, VP of Global IT, A.W. Chesterton

The right customer experience:

“Alithya was not only able to provide us with outstanding customer experience, but they balanced that with driving our CRM implementation to an on time and efficient completion. They are success oriented, attentive, open, and transparent.” - Taj Tinsley, Marketing Operations and Program Manager, A-dec

“We had this awesome relationship with Alithya from the beginning through the evaluation process to help us identify the right solution before starting the project. So, it’s been a very long, excellent relationship with Alithya. It’s one of the key reasons for the true success of this project.” Meen Sathish, Director, Business Outcomes, Iovate

“There was a cultural fit with Alithya and Microsoft. It felt like our discussions were with someone who works for Kent instead of a 3rd party." - Troy Fridley, SVP, Information Technology, Kent Corporation

Watch these videos to hear it directly from our customers: