Managing Percentage Price Increases for Your Products with Dynamics 365

Published February 14 2017 by Jason Earnshaw
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A step by step guide to Managing Percentage Price Increases for your Products in Price-Lists for Dynamics 365 CRM.

We know that this can be done by exporting out the Price List items to Excel, but on a recent project we were asked for a way to help a client update their products prices on a global scale from within a price-list record itself, which then manifested into being able to change prices for products by product family on a percentage increase basis too. Therefore, this is what we did and the components involved in the solution to help you do this for yourself:

    1. Within the Dynamics 365 CRM Product Catalog, build your Product Family and Products correctly as it’s the Product Family that we use as one of the parameters to allow your users to update prices.

    2. Add a new tab to the Price List entity at the bottom of the form labelled “Price List Increase Details” (or whatever terminology you wish to use).

    3. Add 3 fields to that new tab on the Price List entity you created in step 2:

      1. Field Name: Select Increase Type | Field Type: Option Set | Values: Global, By Category/Product Family, Blank.
      2. Field Name: Product Category/Family | Field Type: Lookup to Product Entity | Comments: When setting this field up, make sure it is only looking up the system view which shows the Product Family records.
      3. Field Name: Percentage Increase | Field Type: Whole Number (unless you want the ability to enter 10.5% then chose the relevant field for you).

        Dynamics 365 CRM Product Catalog

    4. Then to tidy up the form from a user experience perspective you can add a business rule which hides the fields you created depending on the Increase Type selected (i.e. Only show Product Category/Family lookup field if Increase Type equals “By Category / Product Family”).

    5. Finally, you will need to write a plugin which then fires when the form is saved and the three new fields have been changed. Update the relevant products linked to the price-list depending on the option selected by the user above and the percentage they would like to apply to either all the products (Increase Type = global) or just to a product family (Increase Type = By Category / Product Family). Once the plugin has completed you then always need to remember to blank out the 3 fields so that a new price increase can be entered if required. If you need help with the code for the plugin, then register your details here and our support team will be happy to help.

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