Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013: Need to put a Sequential Number on a Record like Opportunities?

Published January 12 2014 by David Kohar
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We get asked about this quite often from our customers: "Can I get an Auto Generated Number on Opportunities like ABC0001, ABC0002 etc?"

In CRM there are some Records that have a number assigned to them like Quotes, Orders and Invoices. Other Records like Opportunities, Accounts or new records that you may create in the system (like Projects) do not have a systematic, user friendly number out of the box.

Zero2Ten has created the AutoNumber Solution for those customers that would like a number automatically assigned to each record and incremented for subsequent records.

The AutoNumber Solution allows you to establish the number that you want to start with, prefix it with some letters or an acronym and start to number each record created in the system moving forward.

This is 1 of many solutions that we have for our customers in order to help drive User Adoption and use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

David has an extensive track record within the CRM marketplace and has been involved in the CRM industry since it began. His knowledge has established him as a leading expert in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. David leads Sales Support, Corporate Adoption Programs and Solutions for prospective and current customers.

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