More than a CRM Partner, a Business Advocate

Published March 24 2017 by Kelly McDonald
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We have a lot of information online about our approach from an implementation, education and adoption standpoint. We’ve developed a very special methodology to ensure that our customers fit into the CRM success statistics vs. failed CRM implementation stats. However, before our customers ever become customers there are a few key conversations that have to happen. Towards the end of these conversations is the proposal review. I’d like to share with you a few things you can count on from our team in a proposal review:

Big Impact

As we discuss what you are looking to accomplish, we spend a lot of time on your business challenges and align them into the top 3 business outcomes you can expect by implementing CRM with us. We want you to visualize the link between your current challenges and improvement that can be made. Business outcomes are not just something discussed up front, but follow through the lifecycle of your CRM journey. The outcomes should be dynamic…we want you to continually think of and achieve additional outcomes; find new tactics and ways to manage to as your business evolves. We will offer complete clarity on how we can work together to make a big impact in your business.

Eliminate the Risk

Our CORE methodology empowers you up front. Most technology vendors are just that – vendors, not partners. Vendors will implement everything keeping you only as involved as they need to do a proper mapping exercise, and then hand it all over when that mapping exercise has been completed. We believe that sets you up for failure (and failure rates prove this). The real key to success for a new CRM project is putting you in the driver seat. Don’t worry – we’ll support you to make sure you are comfortable there, and we sit right next to you offering navigation along the way. You and your team will be fully trained and immersed in the solution before you go-live. We want you to feel confident that our process will help you succeed and reduce the risk of getting there.

Two-way Conversation

We get to know you and your business. How does this happen? With two-way conversations and everyone being actively engaged. We don’t just prescribe a solution out of the gate. We need to know current challenges and have a real understanding of your business. You are the expert of your business, and you want to work with CRM experts who are going to be an advocate for you. That’s us, we are here to PARTNER. Your feedback is key every step of the way. We are here to be your advocate, getting to know your business and provide the best path forward.

If you are looking for a business advocate to help you achieve your business outcome goals, please connect with us.

Kelly is a customer advocate who dedicates herself to her customers’ success. Her CRM expertise is unparalleled. With her diverse background including her tenure as a CPA, she demonstrates strong financial and competitive analysis that helps drive strong business outcomes for her clients.

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