Retesting Inventory for Chemical Manufacturers with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Published June 10 2019 by Linda Hope
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In a recent conversation with a specialty chemical manufacturing client, they asked if there was a way to send an item into quarantine when it’s 180 days out of expiration. Their legacy systems was customized to include a feature like this, and they wanted to know if it was possible within Dynamics 365 F&O. The answer, yes - here’s a little known secret on generating quality order inspections based on the shelf advice date or expiration date.

Maintaining the quality of products within your supply chain is an important part of the chemical manufacturing process. Within a chemical manufacturing plant, there will be items that need to be re-inspected after a certain amount of time in order to determine if that batch of product has changed or degraded in any way. This inventory retesting can be accomplished by utilizing the Shelf Advice Date on the released product to determine the retesting interval in days. This shelf advice date is an important feature that enables automatic creation of quality orders with retesting specific quality tests and criteria order to determine the viability and disposition of a lot. With this procedure of inspected orders based on the Shelf Advice Date, quality inventory can be assured.

Step 1. Start with a batch with an older Shelf Advice Date.

Linda Hope Blog_Shelf Advice date_Image1


Step 2. Create a quality association with type Inventory

Linda Hope Blog_Shelf Advice date_Image2

Step 3. Inventory Mgmt – Periodic – Generate Inspection Orders

Linda Hope Blog_Shelf Advice date_Image3

Step 4. Filter by item and/or date to select batches based on any of the batch date criteria

Linda Hope Blog_Shelf Advice date_Image4

Step 5. Once generated, a quality order will get created

Linda Hope Blog_Shelf Advice date_Image5

Step. 6 This is the quality order

Linda Hope Blog_Shelf Advice date_Image6

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Linda Hope is an Edgewater Fullscope solution consultant. Linda began her career in the software industry in 1995 with the ERP products Baan and Axapta (Microsoft Dynamics AX). She started working at Fullscope in 2005 and moved into the solution consultant role in 2008. Linda was the Fullscope product manager for the Dynamics AX TQM product that was sold to Microsoft and she was contracted by Microsoft to train worldwide partners in Process Manufacturing. Prior her software industry employment, Linda worked in process and discrete manufacturing companies selecting and implementing ERP solutions.

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