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Published September 28 2017 by Daniel Spurr
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In our previous blog- "Dynamics 365- The Art of the Possible", we discussed the importance behind Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the stride it's taking towards digital transformation. Now, let's dive deeper into the functionality of this software and what it can deliver from the CRM and Service portion of the suite.

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Customer Service

An enhanced way to earn customer loyalty through stress-free data navigation and quick response functionalities. This service app gives you the tools to be fast, accurate and consistent in service; allowing you to be proactive, in a timely manner.

Project Service Automation (PSA)

PSA is an end-to-end solution from quote, to delivery, to invoice- which gives a single system for customer engagement across all of your project related functions. PSA is aimed at giving service organizations an integrated experience for customer facing, revenue focused, project based deliverables. Our customers use P.S.A to further improve client service by improving the flow of customer information; consequently, breaking down traditional information silos.

Field Service

Is a set of tools that enable organizations to manage a mobile workforce, as well as deliver products and services to their customer's locations. With powerful end-to-end field service software fully integrated to CRM, it makes it easy to stay on top of all aspects of the field service process, benefitting planners, technicians, and service managers alike. 

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In the latest version of Dynamics 365-scheduled for Autumn 2017 release, you will find that there are CRM functionalities that have been rebuilt- for example, the Customer Service Hub, formerly known as the user interface hub. Microsoft is also redoing forms with customer data so that they are grouped into easy to read containers. They're enhancing the activity management, so you'll have an improved timeline that lets you see all of your customer interactions in one place- so, a lot of great things set to emerge from these apps.

The coming blogs for this series will go even deeper into each of these service apps- explaining helpful details and real life scenarios that will showcase what Dynamics 365 can do.

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