Six Steps to Optimize Dynamics AX Performance

Published October 15 2015 by Jamie Bracewell
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Insights From: Jamie Bracewell (Fullscope Director of Marketing)

AXUG 2015 Observations:  Improving AX Performance

 Apparently the topic of "Six Steps to Optimize Dynamics AX Performance" is a hot one. Edgewater Fullscope's Nigel Murdoch spoke to a packed room on Wednesday afternoon of Mic​rosoft Dynamics AX 2009 and 2012 technical users.  Part of the Fullscope Customer Support & Optimization (CSO) team, Nigel helps AX customers drive incremental business value long after the initial go live.

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At a very high level, here are the six tips:

Configure server environment. Examples included power options, memory, storage, server packs and community updates. Nigel reminded us that little things matter, like setting the power option to "high" can greatly impact performance. This is important because out of the box, power options are set with power saving options employed, so you must change it to experience faster processing.

Configure SQL Server. Always consider the version …

Configure Dynamics AX. Turn off debugging in production more; turn off L trim left (it's a performance drain not typically needed), consider AOS clustering and more.

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Monitor and collect performance metrics.  Free is always good, right? and all of these tools are free:  Performance Analysis of Logs (PALs) on Codeplex; SQL Management Studio; SQL Data Collection; and DynamicsPerf (this is a good one for getting meta data about table properties).

Manage application data and usage.  We are talking about VIN notifications, batch jobs and more ...

Tune Dynamics AX database All of the five previous steps build up to the final step, providing the insights needed to truly fine tune your AX database for maximum performance.

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Nigel really delved into the details and my short blog is not doing him justice! He's the Fullscope DBA services and BI practice lead. If you are a Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP user and missed his session, the Edgewater Fullscope CSO team is planning an upcoming webcast on the same topic.  Shoot me an email at for more information on how to register.

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