Smarter Account Management in Equipment Distribution

Published June 26 2018 by Chad Weiner
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Do you have one place your sales team can go to see a 360 degree view of your customers? A full view of each customer can keep salespeople informed about service history for example, so they can effectively speak to it with customers. It helps them have more relevant conversations about usage, lease renewals and potential purchases.

Account management solution for equipment dealers


Effective account management can ultimately help grow your share of wallet. The Fullscope Equipment Dealer Solution provides increased visibility for stronger account management in a few ways.

A Birds-Eye View Across an Entire Account

Having a clear view across an account is particularly useful when you are working with larger organizations that have multiple divisions or department. For those types of customers it is critical to be able to see a summary of all the equipment or open opportunities and service calls.  In the scenario below, the Abraham Construction/DH Allen Construction account can be viewed in a hierarchy with a roll up of all the open revenue (opportunities) along with an equipment count at each location.


A Macro View of Account Management

The old sales adage holds true across virtually all industries — that 80 percent of revenue comes from 20 percent of the business. Any tiering or scoring system you use to evaluate account potential can be designed into the Fullscope Equipment Dealer Solution. Having this integrated into your CRM helps your sales team focus on the account activity that drives your business. 

Dynamics 365 Account Activity Organized Account Activity

The Equipment Dealer Solution helps your sales team organize account activities with built-in tasks and reminders. At the rep level, territory planning is simplified, because each day’s to-do list is served up at a glance. And it’s available on desktop from the office or on the road via the mobile app (see image on the left). This allows reps to quickly move through tasks getting more of the most important work done.  

This also helps ensure consistency across the organization in how each salesperson manages account activity. And the built-in tracking mechanisms helps ensure that high-value account activities — like lease renewals or new lead follow-up — don’t slip through the cracks.

Gaining a Competitive Edge

Because timing is everything in in the highly competitive equipment dealer marketplace, the Fullscope Equipment Dealer Solution helps you be in the right place at the right time. For each customer, you can track both the equipment they have from you AND what competitive equipment they have.

This means you can systematically know when your competitor’s equipment is coming off a lease or rental, so you can strategically go after that business. Because your sales team has the right competitive intelligence, there’s an increase likelihood of winning the sale.

And over time, you can chip away at competitors and get that share of wallet onto your side of the ledger.

Dynamics 365 Share of Wallet

Leverage Embedded Intelligence

Use the relationship assistant to help keep an eye on your daily actions and communications. It even generates Action Cards that are displayed throughout the system giving you tailored, actionable insights. In the below image we can see two cards displayed on the Account record showing an upcoming opportunity close date and a customer equipment Service Meter Unit (SMU) has went above threshold. No longer are we searching for this information but the system is proactively helping us know what needs to happen now.

Dynamics 365 Relationship Assistant



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