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Published May 21 2019 by Sydney Stoner
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In the first part of the series we discussed our training methodology best practices. In this post, we will review the various tools that you can use to implement the training methodology.

As a quick recap our training methodology involves the following steps:

  • eLearning Training
  • Live Training
  • Performance Support

eLearning Training can consist of any number of training materials including, PowerPoints, documentation, videos, tests, simulations etc. The key is that it is hosted on an LMS or something similar. An LMS is also referred to as a Learning Management System and it can host courses, give reporting metrics and more. Be on the lookout for Single Sign On (SSO) with your LMS. SSO simply means that your team only needs to login once, usually on their Microsoft account, and then they will access to the LMS as well.

With our LMS, D365 University, all portals have SSO enabled, and within a short few minutes we can also help you set up a quick navigation link to the LMS from your Dynamics instance. This reduces the time it takes to sign in and find the courses your employees need.

The next step would be your live training component. If you are using a webinar rather than a traditional classroom training, there are some things to think about. As we mentioned in our previous post, we recommend leaving around 60% of the time for questions and practice. Being able to ask questions or practice what they have learned with a subject matter expert in the room is extremely helpful. So how do you mimic that on a webinar? Make sure your tool allows for interactivity. Whether that is using your webcams during the session, or getting people to submit assignments while on the call, you will want to think about the session ahead of time.

Finally, we have the performance support tool. By the time they get to performance support, your users should have a firm grasp of whatever you are training on. With performance support, the goal is to give your employees the ability to find answers quickly to not disrupt their flow of work. A performance support solution should look like the table below. Most of the material used in the tool should be within 2-3 clicks away from a user at all times, while having the option to dig deeper into LMS Training or other resources.

Sydney Blog Image 1

We have brand new solution aptly named the Performance Support Solution. The solution is a paid solution that will exist within your Dynamics instance. It will connect to a pre-created series of short microvideos. You will also have the ability to add your own content such as job aides, Quickcards and FAQs. All content is linked using a table within Dynamics and users will only see content based on where they are in the system (ie account record microvideo within the accounts page).  Microvideos are under a minute long and on one concept. Perfect for an end user trying to find help as they are in the system working.

Watch the video below for a demo of our LMS, SSO and the Performance Support Solution.


As an E-Learning and Media Specialist Sydney works with Fullscope's training department to create all of the Dynamics365 University courses and custom video content for clients. Sydney has extensive experience training and helping customers increase user adoption amongst their employees.

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