Solving the 3 Biggest Concerns of CPG Organizations

Published February 21 2018 by Mary Bradley
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According to the Deloitte Consumer Products Industry Outlook, 2018 looks to be a year of growth for the CPG industry due to stabilizing US and global economies and an increased buying ability of consumers.  What will this mean for this highly competitive industry and how will organizations drive towards leadership positions with their brands? 

At Fullscope, we have worked with many CPG organizations helping them to stay ahead of the trends by using technology to gain more share of wallet, quickly adapt, innovate and differentiate themselves.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) provides the tools necessary to address the three biggest concerns for 2018 and beyond.

Globalization means expansion by either entering emerging markets, acquiring or partnering with new businesses or realizing potential opportunities by having access to consumer insights.  Through the use of Microsoft D365 and leveraging specific functionality around the ability to track opportunities, see hierarchy of relationships and using Social listening embedded into D365 we can address your needs to globalize your reach.

Innovation requires being agile in the development of new products or services to meet market demand, creating and acting upon more new ideas, and managing these projects to successful launch.  Microsoft D365 utilizes business process flows and projects in order to help you manage these development projects to fruition and enables you to act faster, analyzing data around price points, positioning and product release. 

Digitalization is aligning the technology to your business, optimizing customer engagements in real time, influencing the consumer and responding, and creating new ways to interact via ecommerce and other means.  With D365, you can leverage portals, social listening, insights, LinkedIn SalesNavigator, PointDrive, marketing tools, surveys and other tools to align your business to the customer’s needs.

Fullscope has also developed a CPG CRM solution to help provide the initial framework for these needs. Learn more here



With a diverse background across, advertising, marketing, technical consulting and sales, Mary has a great understanding of different industries, how they function, and what makes them successful. She has a strong CRM background including hands-on experience with Dynamics CRM (now Dynamics 365) since the 3.0 days, and Mary’s customers will tell you that her true talent is getting up to speed on business processes quickly, and understanding the lifecycle of a customer across many different industries and types of organizations.

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