Sustainable Manufacturing Methods for Chemical Manufacturers

Published December 5 2018 by Emir Dobraca
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Chemical companies today are turning towards more sustainable practices when it comes to handling formulations and experiments within their chemical plant. According to an article written by The Technology Record, techniques such as dry lab testing are becoming increasingly popular within the chemical industry, in an attempt to reduce the waste of products all while increasing the probability of success throughout each phase of experimentation.  If you’re unfamiliar, dry lab testing is a computer simulated experimentation method, where chemical testing can be run digitally and results are verified through machine learning – a more precise and rapid process for research.

Innovation like this means that the industry is evolving and chemical manufacturing is moving towards feasible manufacturing systems that equally support the industrial internet of things (IIoT). 

“Now, we’re seeing the emergence of Chemistry 4.1: a sustainable and tailor-made chemical industry with increased cross-sectoral collaboration and connected value chains. 1

Sustainability, reliability, dependability and accuracy are common themes applied when it comes to industrial advances in the chemical manufacturing industry. Not to mention, advances that promote connectivity and streamlined processes that improve production.

Emerging business systems, like Microsoft Dynamics 365, empower these efforts of advancement and support a pace of steady growth that withstand an evolving industry year after year and equip manufactures with the ability to adopt successful practices like:

  • Meeting quality and safety requirements.
  • Managing inventory with precision.
  • Gaining the control and predictability needed to detect and address exceptions.
  • Reducing waste.
  • Targeting and converting more sales opportunities.

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