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Targeting innovation while providing robust, efficient technology assets: A daunting challenge for IT teams

Published June 22 2018
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By: Alithya Group Inc.

“We have been seeing very rapid growth in the governance of IT services for a number of years now” 


 Artificial intelligence, block chains, SaaS, cloud solutions, mobility and connectivity are just a few of the recent developments companies need to consider in their digital strategies to remain competitive. These new tools are now easily accessible, meaning that there is significantly more pressure on companies to integrate them into their products and services in order to stay current with market trends.

The media and the general public are eager for new technologies that make our lives easier. To stay optimal and competitive, companies must embrace the innovations being produced by vast efforts of creativity and inventiveness, even if deploying them monopolizes extensive resources within the organization.

Businesses must therefore remain vigilent. They must continue to ensure that their infrastructure and environments evolve according to best practices, have the required levels of robustness and meet the highest security standards, all while keeping pace with ever faster technological developments.

As a result, IT teams are under increased pressure and must be extremely agile to remain competitive. Companies have no choice but to be creative and flexible in managing their technology assets. Increasingly, they are seeking scalable arrangements that include a pool of high-caliber in-house experts and external specialists for both their specific projects and regular operational needs.


“We have been seeing very rapid growth in the governance of IT services for a number of years now,” said Dany Paradis, Senior Vice President, Integrated Management Solutions. "Our clients want a lot of flexibility so that they can adapt to new trends quickly and avoid falling behind in their industry. They are very glad to outsource the day-to-day management of certain mission-critical operations, because then they no longer have to worry about things like performance and updates and their internal experts can focus on developing and evolving their systems and strategies.”


Outsourcing database management for enhanced efficiency

Many of Alithya’s clients have chosen to entrust us with the management of their Oracle databases. All of them have found this approach beneficial from an efficiency standpoint. The following are some examples:

Agropur uses DBA services from the Alithya Digital Solutions Center team for additional support in the management of its Oracle systems. The company can then focus its own resources on value-added projects and tasks, and use external resources to support any additional workload.


Novatech has opted to outsource the management of its servers and ERP system to people whose main task is the ERP system management. Not only did the volume of work involved not warrant the hiring of a full-time in-house resource, using an external team provides access to the expertise of multiple people.

A large distribution company has chosen to entrust the management of its integrated management system, which requires specialized skills, to a team of experts specialized in the management of these types of systems.

The advantage for companies? Peace of mind, thanks to reliable, stable systems and a level of availability that suits their needs. It is also an advantage to have access to a team of experts instead of a dedicated resource. For some, support from a team that has expertise in Oracle products and offers 24/7 coverage is an essential element. Furthermore, outsourcing such services is often less expensive for companies.

The Alithya Group is constantly pushing to reinvent itself and offer its clients new flexible, customized approaches as they evolve.

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