The ERP Roadmap for Process Manufacturers

Published September 12 2017 by John Scandar
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Cloud adoption is a rapidly growing concept in the business world, especially in the world of process manufacturers. After bringing Dynamics AX to the cloud, Microsoft realized the increased acceleration of users and ran with it.

Mike Ehrenberg, Microsoft Technical Fellow and CTO in the Business Application Platform and Intelligence organization, describes how Microsoft began their journey into creating Dynamics 365. Technology is constantly evolving at a rapid pace, and Dynamics 365—together with the cloud—allows Microsoft to keep up with the speed and quickly deliver the benefits of new technology to users, eliminating the long update cycles of the past.

For example, Mike Ehrenberg explains,

“There’s a new mobility capability in the Dynamics 365 for operations that lets you basically take any part of the application and—without writing code—with a few clicks make that function available on people’s mobile devices, whether those are Windows or iOS or Android.” 

Listen to the full webinar here.

This system is not like any other that offers just CRM or ERP, it offers both and forms to fit the needs of the user. Dynamics 365 addresses the full business process across the entire company. In the words of Mike Ehrenberg, “…what we’re really doing with Dynamics 365 and the enterprise is bringing together CRM and ERP and kind of erasing the boundaries that existed between those.” Customers start out with just what they need, whether that is on the CRM or ERP side, and can add things as they go along and need more functionality.

The complexities in today’s business world for process manufacturers are causing them to invest in manufacturing execution systems. Dynamics 365 is creating the ability to get meaningful data and information in a timely manner to help manufacturers make quicker, yet reliable, business decisions.

Integrating the systems into one creates more transparency throughout the business by eliminating the silos that may have previously existed. This helps with regulatory and compliance requirements along with visibility of their processes.

Edgewater Fullscope has created several solutions for process manufacturers looking to quickly take advantage of the benefits of a cloud ERP system. FoodXpress and ChemXpress, found in the Dynamics 365 AppSource cloud, provide structured processes for rapid deployment of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. The task guide templates walk users through typical daily business processes modeled after known efficient practices of typical manufacturing companies. Having these training scripts and guides already developed can speed up the process of adopting efficient business practices. Even though the task guides are pre-built in the app, you do have the freedom to go in and augment them to what best fits your company.

“The whole idea is that each of these apps delivered in the cloud is specifically built to allow you to accomplish [operations, sales, marketing finance, and customer service] functions to ensure that those are done again with tremendous connection to the productivity environment, with intelligence and adaptability built in.”

John Scandar, senior vice president of Fullscope, has more than 25 years of experience in the manufacturing enterprise software market, with an emphasis on leveraging IT investments to improve business success. His experience also includes product management and positioning for enterprise software.

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