The Most Notable Changes When You Upgrade to D365

Published February 17 2017 by Diane Esposito
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Is your CRM environment getting upgraded to Dynamics 365 soon?

We've put together a list of notable changes that you'll see post upgrade.


  • Navigation has changed!
    1. This tile takes you back to the Office 365 main portal.
    2. This navigation opens your apps pane. Here you can see the D365 for Sales Dev App.
    3. This navigation takes you to the entity tiles in CRM.

 Editable Grids!

  • This is exciting, no more opening up forms to change data.
  • Editable grids can be turned on for different entities.
  • Editable grids work with System and Personal views.
  • Here's how they work:
    1. Select any field in the view and make your change.
    2. Save your record with the save icon in the top right corner.
    3. Open a record from the grid with the blue arrow at the far right of the record.


  • If you remove a required field, you will see a red X a shown below.  The change will not save until you add data into the required field.



Group by Views/Filtering

You can now use the “Group By” and some advance filtering straight from the view.



Refreshed Mobile Experience

  • Cleaner and easier to interact with
  • Reduction in panorama scrolling, stacked components and drill through capability
  • Workspace with a one stop shop

These are just a few of the notable changes in Dynamics 365, are you ready to transform?

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