The Top 5 Challenges Facing Specialty Chemical Manufacturers and How to Solve Them

Published April 25 2018 by Emir Dobraca
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Chemical manufacturing is a uniquely complex industry that entails substantial requirements in order to maintain compliance. With biyearly modifications, new compliance and regulatory requirements happening every single year, the ability to continually adjust for things like: GHS, FRFA, OSHA, DHS, HCS, CFET and REACH can be challenging. 

What do specialty chemical industry leaders fear?

  1. Regulatory changes
  2. Increasing raw material costs
  3. Global Competitiveness
  4. Mergers and Acquisitions
  5. New product development 

Amid these challenges, specialty chemical manufacturers need tools that will help control and maximize assets, minimize operating costs, and monitor the impact of decisions on orders, production, inventory, and distribution.

Watch this video to learn how Microsoft Dynamics from Edgewater Fullscope helps specialty chemical manufacturers manage product compliance including Material Safety Data Sheets, provide complete batch attribute tracking and so much more.

Top Five Challenges Facing Specialty Chemical Manufacturers and How to Solve Them_CTA-1

Contact us to chat, and request a demo of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your chemical manufacturing business. 

As an account executive specializing in the chemical industry, Emir helps companies begin their digital transformation. He knows the unique challenges that face the industry, like regulatory requirements, quality controls and traceability, and helps companies harness technology to meet these goals.

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