Top 5 Qualifying Questions for Cold Callers

Published August 18 2014 by Connor Jordan
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When faced with the task of cold calling down a list of prospects, it helps to have a game plan in place. Asking the right questions will help you display interest and give you a chance to listen to what really matters to the prospective customer. If your objective is to secure an appointment for the prospect to speak with a sales rep, here are some excellent questions to use: 

Top 5 Qualifying Questions to Secure a Sales Appointment via Cold Call

  1. Roles and Goals – "As someone in your important [title] role, what are the most important goals you're responsible for achieving?"
  2. Company Initiative – "I noticed [on your website, on LinkedIn, etc…] some news about how your company is focusing on [initiative]. How does this affect your work?"
  3. Celebrating Success – "To achieve your goals, what have you implemented recently that is working well?"
  4. Current Challenges – "If you had to point to something not working so well, what current challenge do you have that you'd like to resolve?"
  5. Implementing a Solution – "Which solution(s) have you investigated? Which direction do you think you'll take?

With these questions and a demonstrated ability to listen and empathize, you should have a much easier time scheduling appointments for prospects to speak with a sales rep about solutions to their challenges. Learn more about how to use the power of LinkedIn together with your CRM to sell smarter. Download the free guide to social selling here

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