Understanding How to Use the Skillsets of Your Current Employees

Published October 26 2017 by Daniel Spurr
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In our second blog from the series topic of How Professional Services Organisations can thrive in times of turmoil, we explore how service organisations can remain agile and use the skillsets of their current employees.

Professional Service organisations, PSO's are looking for solutions that will save time, and improve processes and efficiency across teams and locations. In reality many practices have their own way of doing business, with disconnected systems employees can find it difficult and time consuming to find the information they need, resulting in down-time and frustration, especially when you are client-facing.

Worryingly employee attrition in the professional services industry has doubled from 7.2% in 2012 to 13.6% in 2016* This is an upward trend is one to watch as the cost to replace a valuable employee is in excess of $150,000/£110,000 and will kill an organisations productivity.

Connecting an organisations technology can have a dramatic effect on employees. With a cloud-based CRM and Project Service (PSA) solution, information can be accessed from anywhere at any time, meaning that client and project information is shared across the whole organisation. Task allocation, monitoring and management is viewed at the touch of a button. This can lead to less downtime and less time wasted, which means that more time is spent on the projects that come in and on other areas of focus.

A Fullscope client, Mark Sykes of BDO Drive UK says: "CRM is really sucking all of that (deadtime) out, making it much leaner and much more efficient. That is something that sits really centrally to the professional services sector."

CRM & PSA can produce real cost and real value for service organizations. This is made possible by allowing users to look through the skillset of their employees and look through the database to show where there are employees with the right skillset who can be diverted to a project that better suits their expertise. The combined power of these two solutions can actually help organizations to work more nationally, enabling employees who have certain skills to use those skills. Moreover, this means that executives can make informed decisions about recruitment and finding people to deliver on projects.

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* http://www.spiresearch.com/spi-research/reports/2017psmb.html
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