Solution Update: One Click Copy Version 2.2.1 for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Published August 21 2017
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Clone records with a single click using Fullscope’s One Click Copy Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365. It allows a clone function to be added to any record in the system. The process can occur in the background, or the new record can be opened in an unsaved state, allowing the user to modify the new record before committing it. Multiple entities and a mix of methods are supported in a single organization.

One Click Copy supports both single records and cloning a parent record and all child records at once—such as quotes and quote line or price lists and price list items.

For a deeper dive into functionality, please see our Record Cloning (now One Click Copy) Solution video.

About the Release

Fullscope has released version 2.2.1 of the One Click Copy Solution, available at no cost to clients with current maintenance agreements for this solution or the Sales Leadership Bundle.

Improvements in version 2.2.1 include:

  • Updated to CRM 8.2 (Dynamics 365)
  • Updated numbering convention

This version is an enhancement release to bring this solution in line with our current standards, and therefore an optional update. There are no known compatibility issues with previous releases and CRM 8.2 (Dynamics 365).

Installation Notes

Please log an Adopt2Win ticket to request the latest solution file. Once the new solution file is on hand, use the solution import wizard to upgrade to the latest version. The same install file can be used to upgrade or to perform a clean install.

  1. Go to Settings > Solutions
  2. Click Import in the ribbon
  3. Click browse and locate the new solution file and click next twice to advance two steps in the wizard
  4. Select overwrite customizations unless you have made modifications to the snapshot solution. If you have made customizations, select maintain customizations. Leave the Enable SDK Steps box checked and click Import.

Support and issue reporting for this solution is handled via the Adopt2Win portal. The Adopt2Win solution support area can be access here. If you have a current maintenance agreement but do not have an Adopt2Win login, please contact your account director or contact us.