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What is Alithya’s philosophy in respect to Human Capital?

Published July 19 2019
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We asked Natalie Piccinin, Senior Vice-President, Human Capital


Natalie, in a few words, tell us about your career path.

Human resources are a passion for me. I have worked in a variety of industries during my career, including aeronautics, banking, publishing and automotive, and I have had to define and implement strategies to strengthen human resources functions in support of the ambitious business objectives of the companies I have worked for.

From my first contacts with Alithya, I was drawn in by the company’s business vision, its dedication to being an essential partner for each of its customers, its commitment to corporate growth, its determination to make its mark, and by the passion and energy of the management team. Creativity, respect, and authenticity are values embodied by the employees. It's very inspiring.

When it comes to human capital, what is Alithya’s philosophy?

Our long-term vision is to build a culture that strives to achieve the common goal of supporting our customers’ business goals through technologies, while enabling each of our professionals to realize their potential. Alithya’s management team believes that that "realization" must be achieved on both a personal and professional level. That implies that we must understand the path to ensuring that our professionals can realize their potential at all levels, which includes an environment and programs that encourage team development. I know how important it is to strike a balance that respects our employees while promoting the company's culture and DNA.

Since its founding in 1992, Alithya has achieved great things. With acceleration of the company’s growth, the Human Capital team must serve as a catalyst for corporate culture. Not to change that culture, but rather to help it evolve in harmony with corporate growth. We don’t want to lose our 'business’ culture; to the contrary, we want to nourish it.

In concrete terms, we offer corporate programs that support the development of individuals. Development of our leaders is an element to which Alithya attaches great importance, as demonstrated by our first program, the Alithya Leadership Academy.

Alithya is destined for a great future. Our Human Capital team must be a conduit to help the company achieve its goals in a harmonious and effective way.

What distinguishes Alithya in ways that future candidates can appreciate?

I believe that it’s the unique combination of collaborative spirit and strong support, in an environment that encourages the evolution and development of every professional through highly stimulating projects that form part of the company’s day-to-day business activities. On a daily basis, we work with our customers to provide them with innovative and creative solutions by leveraging technologies best suited to their respective realities. In order to do this, teamwork is essential. Our professionals must consult with each other in order to identify the best alternatives, and to create strategies for the many new challenges that come our way. That collegial sprit and pooling of brainpower is valued tremendously at Alithya.