What’s the Best ERP for a Building Products Manufacturer?

Published February 6 2018
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Building products manufacturing is a multifaceted industry that requires the ability to maintain reliability of supply. There are several demanding processes that are unique to this industry that must be considered when selecting an ERP system. For example:

  • Seasonal demand planning
  • Volatile raw material markets
  • Regulatory and environmental issues
  • Low-cost competition from emerging economies
  • Pricing pressures

These demands require software— Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations—that can help the day-to-day responsibilities needed to maintain a strong reputation for reliability and smooth sailing for a specific organizational structure.

So what differentiates Microsoft Dynamics 365’s ERP solution from more industry specific solutions? 

Broader Functionality, without sacrificing industry characteristics

While industry-specific solutions may include some particular functionalities that focus on individual needs and historically have been more popular throughout the industry, Dynamics 365 functions on a broader spectrum. Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations uniquely combines lean, process and discrete industry-specific capabilities in one solution. Manufacturers who are largely driven by the construction market face similar business and production challenges, despite their differences. An ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics will have out-of-the-box process models to help you get up and running with best practices.

Modern Technology

Because D365 includes up-to-date digital tools, there is a strategic advantage in having increased operational speed and flexibility in newer technology that supports multiple manufacturing modes.  Cloud Services allow access to real-time information that simplifies and accelerates business processes. Seamless integrations create a flexible working environment that empowers the modern manufacturer.

Less Risk

Other advantages include: financial stability of the company and deeper resources. Because Microsoft is a substantial corporation dedicated to business advancement, there is more time and money spent on research & development toward furthering the application.

Download this case study on Boa-Franc, a North American leader in the manufacturing of superior quality pre-finished hardwood floors and learn about their decision to turn to Microsoft Dynamics AX  and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.