Why Go-Live is Just the Start of the Journey

Published July 12 2019 by Jason Earnshaw
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The importance of user adoption when implementing Dynamics 365

If you have spent a few months comparing, selecting and then implementing a CRM tool, then you might think that go-live is the time to sit back and watch it all fall into place. With a few tweaks along the way, in a few months you will see a greater number of satisfied customers, greater revenues and greater efficiency.

Well, maybe. But actually, as Rebecca McClure, Director of Operations for professional services firm BDODrive, says: “For us, doing the configuration and getting live was only the beginning. Software is just software if you have not got anybody using it.”

Put in the time and effort needed

User adoption can be the biggest hurdle to achieving your business goals. It is important for businesses to understand the time and effort involved in facilitating user adoption in order for them to reap the benefits of that technology.

Mark Sykes, Head of Head of BDODrive UK, agrees: “You can put the best system in the world in front of people but unless you are working with people about how they are going to use it, how they should use it, the benefits they are going to see and also setting the right tone from the top in terms of adoption, you are not going to see that actually become a reality. So, the advice is, don’t underestimate how much time and effort you need to put in to ensuring people have bought into the project and people understand that this is business critical.”

Get the right partner

For BDODrive, it was its partner, Alithya, who helped to coordinate the user-adoption strategy when the firm was implementing Dynamics 365.

Alithya held monthly calls after go-live, asking the project team to discuss how people were using Dynamics 365 and to share ways to encourage adoption.

Rebecca says: “It was really useful to have somebody that was independent to us on that phone to shepherd that process.”

Top tips for user adoption

Twelve months on from go-live, and after going through the process of increasing user adoption of Dynamics 365 within BDODrive, Rebecca has compiled her top three tips to help you get your staff on board.

  • Don’t think it is going to happen overnight. It is a process and it takes really hard work. You need to think about it over a sustained period of time and keep going at it from all angles. It is not just about training people; it is about change management.


  • Get some really good stories and some advocates for the solution. If you can get some stories with a very clear result, that will really help to get people onside.

  • Understand the teams’ pain points. What are they experiencing? What are their difficulties at the moment? Then work out how the system can help address these.

Get the best results

BDODrive is now realising the full benefits of Dynamics 365.

Rebecca says: “We are seeing more clients coming into the business and what is brilliant about that is that we know that all of our people are following a consistent sales process, so we can guarantee that they are following up in a way that we want them to.”

Mark adds: “Over just the past 12 months alone, we have seen our revenues grow 15 per cent but our gross profit has grown 25 per cent. And that is largely attributable to the fact that we are able to adapt quickly, respond quickly to our clients. We have the ability to ensure people are doing what we need them to do.”

If you would like to learn more about BDO’s journey to transformation with Dynamics 365, click here.


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