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Capital Portfolio Planning resources: streamline and automate

A Learning Kit to Capital Portfolio Planning (CPP)
The process to manage large capital project portfolios can be time-consuming and confusing, creating a wide margin of costly errors.
Capital Portfolio Planning (CPP) solutions help organizations simplify capital planning processes in a streamlined and automated way, creating an end-to-end process from capital request to in-service asset while eliminating the pain of administering paper, Excel, and Word-based capital request, prioritization, & approval processes. 
When you fill out the form, you'll gain access to an array of resources -- all in one place -- that dives into a range of key concepts and best practices for capital portfolio planning.
With these resources, you'll quickly learn:
  • What capital portfolio planning is and how it contributes to business success
  • How Alithya leverages Oracle's Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Planning to power CPP
  • Helpful tips and tricks to increase the value of capital expenditures, mitigate risk, and reduce costs with CPP.
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