ERP-based PLM for Manufacturers and Improving the Change Management Process

Published November 10 2020

Every company has to deal with managing changes. Complex product changes, increased customer demands, and growing regulatory constraints all create an environment where change happens and should be handled in a structured manner – otherwise, one can expect stress and chaos throughout the organization. Ideally, organizations would handle all these changes, from engineering to manufacturing, seamlessly in a single solution.

Change Management

Running an operation on excel, for example, does not truly allow an organization to make real improvements to the change cycle. Collecting and validating information in order to make change estimates and good decisions should not be a frantic, disconnected process.

The process should be as accurate and seamless as possible. Collecting data from various sources needs to be a way of the past for your manufacturing organization. For companies of the future, pulling information from a single source of truth allows for timely and accurate changes that need to be made.

Human error is a thing and any wrong decision can be costly. The last thing you would want is your mechanical engineer overlooking a requirement that has been changed. With so many things happening at once, it’s actually quite easy for something new in the system to go unnoticed.

Transparent and streamlined change management with ERP-based PLM

With PLM, change management can help provide the checks needed in the beginning phases of design as well as the notifications needed. The entire process is managed from initial request through implementation in the production system. The entire product lifecycle has support with PLM and change management at any stage is monitored and managed, creating an improved and seamless process.

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