Finding Work Life Balance

Published April 1 2020 by Équipe des communications

Do you remember professor Robert Kelly’s unexpected distraction during his live interview on BBC News? What professionalism! You have undoubtedly experienced similar zany moments recently as the famous work-family balance has taken its toll.

Alithya recently shared some essential tips internally to enable everyone to work efficiently and be entertained. We invite you to browse these awesome resources!


Ergonomics 101 for new teleworkers

Does telework seduce you into conducting your tasks from the comfort of a couch, a bed, or a table installed in front of the television? Warning: your home workspace should be as ergonomically organized as your office workspace.

The New York Post has prepared a video with tips for using household objects as suitable replacements for a slick office space.


How do we use the tools at our disposal?

Our talented team of experts is working hard to develop content suited to the current situation. This webinar shares Office 365 and Microsoft Teams best practices to facilitate working remotely and team collaboration.


Well-being creates more well-being

This webinar offered by Morneau Shepell addresses the topic of emotional well-being. Discover the usefulness of the concept for effectively adapting to the crisis, and for maintaining quality interpersonal relationships that are essential for attaining work satisfaction.

Also, try some new approaches to dynamic meetings by creating a fun team spirit that can reduce the potential solitude of telework. For example, ask everyone to dress up for your next weekly Zoom call!

Did you know that you can even change the background of Zoom in order to chat live from a sunny beach?


Absorbing culture and discovering World Heritage in virtual mode

One of the essential rules of teleworking is to implement breaks in your work day. Why not visit an art gallery in Singapore or a volcano in Hawaii during your lunch break? Museums, parks, and libraries around the world have shown great ingenuity in making it possible for you to indulge in culture from the comfort of your couch! Explore the castles and cathedrals of France, immerse yourself in world art collections available at, or stroll through five major American national parks with forest rangers.


Home-based educational activities and how to address the crisis with your children

Running short of ideas for keeping your kids educationally stimulated? The Ontario government has launched an online learning resources (preschool, primary, secondary, and special education) to assist parents in maintaining their kids’ thirst for knowledge and, above all, to keep them away from iPads and video games!


Standing by your side

Alithya’s Centre of Expertise in Crisis Management was put in place to support you during this period and to provide you with direct and centralized access to your multidisciplinary expertise. You can benefit from access, free of charge, to quick and efficient guidance for ensuring the continuity of their business and, above all, their preparedness for the aftermath of this crisis.

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