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Global Project Success Office: An Alithya innovation!

Published March 22 2023
Benoît Gorez, Senior Communications Advisor
Benoît Gorez
Senior Communications Advisor
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Alithya’s international expansion is made possible first and foremost by our clients’ trust in us. However, we can’t deny the new challenges that we face, nor the sound risk management that is required. That is why we’ve created the Global Project Success Office, led by our project management expert, Marc Aoun. Read this short interview to learn more about their mission! 

What is the Global Project Success Office? 

The purpose of the Office is to offer the advantage of a shared culture and standardized project management processes across the Alithya family. We want to ensure that our actions reflect our words for all our clients around the world. 

We recruited Marc Aoun to develop a coherent strategy. Under his leadership, the Office is tasked with establishing a common approach that will promote coaching, teamwork, and the sharing of knowledge and best practices among Alithya’s different experts. 

These experts will also be involved in identifying the best practices. The Global Project Success Office will work with the leaders of each business unit’s PMO (Project Management Office), alongside Operations Management, IT, Quality, and Finance specialists. Their role will be to develop and implement a strategy and tactics that will help identify risks and opportunities from the start of a project and throughout its execution, enabling us to take proactive action in ways that positively influence end results. 

We share a goal with our main partner, our Client: a project successfully completed within the budget and timeline. 

Why makes the Global Project Success Office innovative?   

One of the primary objectives of the Office is to establish Governance for both external and internal projects. For us, success and growth are part of an important cycle.  

Internal projects provide opportunities for us to improve our efficiency, as well as that of our systems and processes. These internal initiatives will give Alithya a more competitive position on the market and optimize the way we manage projects with our clients.  

It’s about creating synergy between the value that our internal projects create, and the excellence we demonstrate in delivering our external projects.  

What is the mission of the Global Project Success Office? 

Once projects are underway, our project managers build important relationships with our clients and develop in-depth knowledge of their needs, expectations, and concerns. They play a key role in the success of the projects, as well as in the long-term success of our partnerships. We therefore want to create a single project management approach throughout Alithya that, combined with a solid process and efficient tools, will ensure consistent execution and high quality at each step. 

The Global Project Success Office will provide a standardized overall view from the start of each mandate until its completion. It will provide us the means to implement effective ways of doing things that will directly benefit our clients and ensure the company’s long-term success. Why? To ensure that Alithya will be recognized for the excellence of its work, and for the excellent experiences of its clients.