How Dynamics 365 Customer Service Aids Contact Center Maturity

Published November 9 2020

In a recent contact center survey conducted by Deloitte, key findings were captured that highlight which areas of technology will aid contact centers in their evolution. Several key findings identified were:

  • Start with the Basics
  • Customer Experience (CX) is a Differentiator
  • Navigate Complexity Through Right Channeling
  • AI Omnipresence

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Customer Service is the right application to meet and exceed the needs of contact centers, and allow for handling an ever-increasing workload.

Start with the Basics

While many contact center solutions offer a wealth of functionality and capabilities, a contact center team needs to 1st be great at the basics before considering use. A few of these basics include:

  • Documenting customer calls and emails
  • Creating unique tickets for customer issues and storing in centralized application
  • Communicating with your clients
  • Resolving issues in a timely manner

Dynamics 365 Customer Service has inherent features that allow for capturing and logging case records for inquiries, documenting status and assigning ownership to ensure review and eventual resolution will occur.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service - capturing a logging case records for inquiries

Once a contact center has this solid foundation in place and has also included these steps in its onboarding and continuous training programs, additional steps can occur to go to the next level. Such a level can include functionality such as automated communications (case creation/status update notifications), case closure surveys and access to knowledge base.

Customer Experience is a Differentiator

Positive customer experiences should result in increased levels of customer satisfaction. It’s absolutely critical that every step be taken to increase the likelihood of positive experiences during contact center interactions.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service allows for personalization points throughout the customer service journey. From templated email replies upon case submission to personalized portal experiences, Dynamics 365 gives companies the tools needed to ensure consistent communication and positive experiences throughout the entire customer service journey.

Navigate Complexity Through Right Channeling

Today’s contact centers can no longer expect to receive inquiries only through phone and email. Customers expect the ability to initiate customer service conversations through these and other channels, such as text and social.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service allows companies to easily engage with their clients across digital messaging channels, such as those listed below.

  • ChatRuston - Contact Center 2
  • SMS (text)
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

AI Omnipresence

The increasing role of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in contact centers is crucial to aid contact center reps and increase the likelihood of a positive customer experience. Dynamics 365 Omnichannel for Customer Service incorporates AI throughout the solution.

From proactively initiating a chat session to offering recommendations based on customer preferences and chat history, Dynamics 365 Customer Service offers embedded AI components that allows contact centers to use from the start.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service - initiating a chat session - contact center


Excelling at the basics, providing superior customer experience, responding through multiple channels and making use of AI are all necessary in order for contact centers to grow and prosper. Dynamics 365 Customer Service is a platform built to not only meet the needs of contact centers, but to allow for growth and scale as your contact center matures.

To learn how customers can benefit from your contact center’s use of Dynamics 365 Customer Service, contact Alithya today.

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