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Published December 16 2019 by Sveta Shor
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Dynamics 365 can do many things out of the box but have you ever wondered if there is anything more out there to improve the efficiency for an admin? The XRM ToolBox, which is a free third party application can do just that. The CRM ToolBox provides several pieces of functionality that Microsoft Dynamics CRM administrators wish were native to the application.

All you need to do to get your hands on this handy tool is go to , download it on any machine, point to an organization and login! (Full instructions below).

Here are three of the many tools available that will absolutely make your life easier if using the XRM Toolbox.

  • Bulk Workflow Execution

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Dynamics 365 has a built in workflow tool that can run based on specific criteria or ad hoc on demand. The one downfall of the out of the box capabilities is that you cannot tell it to run on a specific data set. If you need to run the workflow on demand on multiple records you have to select them page by page, at most 250 at a time and re run the flow on each. The Bulk Workflow Execution tool allows you to create a CRM view (system or personal) and run your workflow on all the records in that view in bulk and in one click. This saves a lot of time if for example you want to reassign 50,000 records to another owner, imagine doing that 250 at a time without this tool.

  • Role Updater

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This tool comes in handy when you want to update the same privilege on multiple security roles. If for example you want to remove “Delete” privileges from all your roles, in out of the box Dynamics you would have to open each role one by one and make the changes. With this tool, you can select all the roles you wish to update, choose the privilege update and make the change in bulk.

  • User Settings Utility

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Have you ever looked through the user personal settings and thought how nice it would be to be able to globally set these for all your users instead of training your users to do it on their own? Well now with the User Settings Utility you can do exactly that. This tool allows you to select any or all users from your enabled list and globally set any preference for the selected users. For example, in order for workflows to send emails from specific users, the user needs to be instructed to go into their personal settings and check off the setting “Allow Emails on my Behalf”. Training users to set their settings runs the risk that they don’t actually do it and then the workflow fails. With the User Settings Utility you can eliminate that headache and simply do it globally.

So how do you get the XRM Toolbox?

  1. Visit the XRM ToolBox Portal page:
  2. Download to your PC
  3. Create a folder where you want to use it
  4. Extract the compressed file to this folder
  5. Run the XRMToolBox file
    1. I suggest when it is running, right click on the program in the toolbar and click on Pin to taskbar
  6. Connect to an Organization

Sveta has over 9 years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. She combines her knowledge and skills to help customers create and implement solutions that fit their individual needs.

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