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Around the bend

Published January 12 2022
Paul Raymond, President & CEO
Paul Raymond
President & CEO
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New Year 2022

As we forge ahead into each new calendar year, some recurring sentiments are commonly carried forward: We tend to reflect on the year behind us, and to look forward, full of hope and expectations, to the year ahead. For the second year in a row, we find ourselves reflecting on the trials and tribulations, both personal and professional, that these extraordinary times have presented us with. However, in this pensive moment, there is great strength to be leveraged from reflections on the many challenges that we have overcome, both individually and collectively, and there are many conclusions to be drawn. 

I would like to thank our talented experts who develop and implement our increasingly innovative solutions for our customers. On a daily basis, they have immersed themselves in a climate of uncertainty to assure our customers that they can count on Alithya to guide them along the right track to achieving their digital transformation projects. For that, I also wish to thank you, our customers, for your confidence. 

Sounding off 

The aforementioned was achieved through the very definition of “teamwork”. There was no handbook for addressing what the past two years have presented us with, but as a team, and as a professional community, we have been writing that handbook every day. That handbook includes the adoption of innovative ways to break down pandemic-imposed silos to encourage cautious human interactions within our organization, providing a small semblance of normalcy. We will continue to develop new initiatives in 2022 that focus on the wellbeing of our employees, driven by Alithya’s commitment to converting their ideas into reality. In fact, the message I shared with our teams to begin the New Year was as follows: “Share your ideas for stimulating engagement and interacting with your colleagues with your manager, or through our internal surveys. We are here, and we are always listening!” 

Continuing to position Alithya as a high-performance organization 

With 50% growth this past year, including 30% organic growth, Alithya is one of the fastest growing companies in our sector. We experienced record bookings across our geographies in 2021, which is an exceptional achievement considering the circumstances. Paramount to that achievement, it demonstrates the level of trust that our customers have placed in Alithya. 

To quote the wise words of the Roman philosopher, Seneca: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”. 

Preparation and opportunity…two elements that continue to merge at Alithya. Time is a valuable resource, and we all need to use it carefully, particularly in these times when a work-life balance is essential. Data from our internal surveys underscores that our people are enthusiastic about their professional development. Alithya remains committed to assisting them in that development, and we endeavour to do even more in 2022. Whether they are looking to hone their existing skills, or they wish to acquire new knowledge and expertise, Alithya provides a stimulating learning environment. Additionally, there is no shortage of projects at Alithya, both in addressing the needs of our customers, and in implementing initiatives to improve our own internal processes. 

Straight from the heart 

In 2021, our people pulled together to exhibit kindness throughout the year, including tremendous support for Alithya's fall Giving Campaign. I have thanked them from the bottom of my heart for their generosity, and the fall campaign alone raised more than CDN$75,000 internationally for charitable organizations. I am also happy to note that our professionals are using Alithya’s ‘Volunteer Leave’ option in large numbers to engage in invaluable work in their communities during working hours afforded to them. The initiative responds to their desire to contribute to a better world, and for that my heart is filled with gratitude. 

New beginnings 

In closing, as I reflect on 2021, and look ahead to 2022, I will say this about our company: we are not perfect, but we are doing a monumental job in holding our own and protecting the interests of our customers and our company. As we continue to build upon the great strides that we have already made, I am confident that the vision embraced by our company when we embarked on this journey 30 years ago will continue to expand well beyond its original horizons. And, as we prepare for an abundance of new opportunities ahead of us in 2022, I am filled with hope and the expectation that this will be the best year yet for our company, and for our cherished customers.