Intergenerational cohabitation: an indispensable asset

Published August 31 2020
Benoît Gorez, Social Media and Content Manager
Benoît Gorez
Social Media and Content Manager
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An article published by La Presse in Quebec shares several opinions surrounding intergenerational cohabitation in the tech world. The question asked: at 35, are you too old to land a job?

Definitely not at Alithya!

Mentorship - A key advantage

Intergenerational mentorship is an excellent tool that Alithya embraces to help ensure knowledge sharing between generations. As older generations approach retirement, mentorship helps us fill any potential knowledge gaps that may arise in respect to succession planning.

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Managers can also sharpen their skills through the continuing education offered by the Alithya Leadership Academy. The first modules of the internal training program focus on know-how and people skills (soft skills), including multigenerational team management. “Good managers effectively practice soft skills to create environments conducive to better, more productive employees, which is the goal of any successful business.” - Enrica Mammoli, Organizational Development Advisor

The benefits of age diversity

Rare are IT postings that don’t mention the capacity to work well in teams as a requirement of the job. Evolving expectations also stress the need for team building among people from all walks of life. “At the Digital Solutions Center, we rely heavily on diverse teams composed of juniors, intermediates, and seniors. Age is never a factor in getting a job with us. The diversity of our employees creates a rewarding work environment for all.” - Fanny Valette, Senior Talent Acquisition Advisor.

Employees from multiple departments of Alithya also shared their thoughts about age.

0 (1)Laura Brajot, Product Owner, Age 33

“Early on in your career, you often try to prove yourself to your peers. As we age, we learn to settle down by adopting better organizational reflexes. I love working with my junior colleagues, as well as more senior ones. It’s an invaluable bond that helps me to evolve every day.”




Image1Michele Quintal, Director, Quality Assurance Practice, Age 50

“As long as my attitude, my curiosity, my ability to adapt, and especially my openness continues to mature, then my age will always be an advantage. At age 50, in my case that represents more than 30 years in this business. I approach my job with as much desire, curiosity, and openness as when I first began, but now with the added wisdom of accumulated projects, experiences, and intergenerational and intercultural encounters. My attitude is more thoughtful now than it was at age 20, and that is a huge advantage. I have always considered my journey to be one of continuous improvement, even if that means venturing out of my comfort zone. It requires continuous learning. It cultivates my humility and my openness to learn. Yes, often theoretically, but also from the youngest team members.”

0-2Jean Dallaire, Director, Business Development, Age 74

“I began my IT career at a time when punch cards were still being inserted into huge computers. I have seen network administrators become business owners. Technologies, and the people surrounding them, advance very quickly and you have to adapt. The experience of older employees is beneficial to younger ones, and vice versa. At 74, I’m still learning, and I’m very grateful for that. »



Greater access to talent

Alithya’s generationally-diverse workforce is an attractive option for generations concerned about age discrimination who are seeking companies that value seniority and experience. It can also benefit younger generations seeking an opportunity to grow, to develop, and to learn from others in-house.

At Alithya, intergenerational cohabitation focuses on the individual well-being of all in order to promote greater cohesiveness and collective performance that ensures growth, while respecting our values.

We are always looking for people like you: enthusiastic, innovative, and open-minded. Consult our careers section to discover opportunities that rise to your ambitions.