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Profitability Tech Tips – Enterprise PCM Migration Utility V2.0

Published August 29 2022
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Back in June 2022, Oracle released the much-awaited Enterprise PCM which combines the very best features available on the common EPM platform with the allocation modeling, calculation, and analysis capabilities of Oracle Cloud Profitability and Cost Management (PCM). Enterprise PCM (EPCM) is the result of countless development hours by Oracle and hundreds of beta testing hours from partners. It provides an enormous amount of new functionality when compared to the existing Oracle Cloud PCM module.

To encourage clients to migrate onto the new EPCM platform, Oracle provided an easy-to-use migration utility on release to migrate existing PCM applications to EPCM (we will cover the migration utility in more detail in another blog) but there was one major pain point for some clients! Enterprise PCM requires 4 Point of View (POV) dimensions (Years, Period, Scenario and Version) and while most clients can migrate successfully to this configuration, clients who have Period configured as a business dimension in PCM could not easily migrate their applications to EPCM. The core issue was that the initial migration utility did not have the functionality to translate the Period dimension from a business dimension to a POV dimension; the utility would create two Period dimensions in Enterprise PCM, one as a business dimension and one as a POV dimension. This is obviously not ideal and meant that clients with Period configured as a business dimension would have to re-build their PCM application with Period in the POV prior to running the migration utility, which is rather painful!

But Oracle has been listening and the August patch release (22.08) included an update to the migration utility that allows us to change the Period dimension from a business dimension to a POV dimension during the migration. The new migration utility allows us to migrate both the model and the data from an existing PCM application where Period has been configured as a business dimension to Enterprise PCM where Period is configured as a POV dimension without any duplication of the dimension or associated headaches. It’s a big deal as it means that almost all clients can now migrate their PCM application to Enterprise PCM with few exceptions.

In addition to the above functionality the updated migration utility now supports:

  • Ability to map to default dimensions
    • This means that you can map your custom Entity Gen 1 member (e.g., “OTP_Total_Entity”) to the default “Total Entity” member in EPCM and enable an easier overall migration effort.
    • This mapping can be done for all required dimensions (Account, Entity, Years, Period, Scenario and Version)
  • Enhanced Currency dimension mapping
  • Additional enhancements to the Period dimension
    • These include period frequency, custom period prefixes, default member mappings, and Start and End Year.

One important piece of information is that the updated migration utility is not backwards compatible with any version prior to 22.08. That means if you have an existing migration xml you have used you will need to recreate it!

Oracle has done a great job at documenting the migration process to explain everything you need to know, with examples!

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