The complexities of mass vaccinations

Published April 7 2021
Paul Murray, Director of Healthcare (Microsoft Practice)
Paul Murray
Director of Healthcare (Microsoft Practice)
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Alithya expertise in digital technology solutions stands ready

One full and challenging year into the rise of a global pandemic, there is bright light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a number of vaccines that have been approved for mass distribution. Accordingly, the rollout has taken center stage around the globe as healthcare systems, retail operators, government agencies, private sector interests brainstorm to develop efficient mass vaccination programs. Coordination of such massive endeavors requires an enormously concerted effort between a multitude of stakeholders, and the regional initiatives are providing insight and modelling data that will continue to evolve.

Responding today vs. responding tomorrow

In the United States, some state and private sector initiatives are providing useful lessons. In Texas, for instance, a comprehensive state-led registration and monitoring portal has facilitated vaccinations at a rate of 10,000 per day at the Texas Motor Speedway, encumbered only by the volatility of vaccine dose availability. Also in Texas, the H-E-B Grocery Company, a privately held supermarket chain with more than 340 stores, has developed a vaccination portal to manage the process of administering vaccines in the pharmacy clinics of its stores. Both initiatives provide frameworks for viable mass vaccination options, however many traditional healthcare organizations still struggle to respond due to budget, legacy technology, and resource constraints.

Harnessing the Power of Technology

Technology undoubtedly holds the critical keys to tying the components of such initiatives together. As issues continue to be ironed out, technology’s essential role in accelerating the process is quickly evolving to enable secure data exchanges, cross-agency collaboration, and emerging consumer friendly solutions easily accessible from any mobile device. At the forefront, Microsoft is working on a global scale to develop and deliver cloud-based technologies that tie the full gamut of processes together. The Microsoft Vaccination Management platform offers a growing number of vaccination-specific solutions for healthcare providers, frontline workers, and citizens, addressing everything from the dissemination of information to vaccine scheduling, automation of mobile facilities, and management of the vaccine supply chain.

Removing barriers to success: reducing response time & costs

An award-winning Inner Circle Microsoft Gold partner, and a charter member of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, Alithya is well-positioned to rapidly deploy technology solutions in a cost-effective manner. As healthcare system stakeholders’ sort through the complications of their unique financial and logistical challenges, in response to the pandemic Alithya has announced its Respond, Recover and Reimagine solutions that provide cost-efficient marketing, customer service, physician liaison management and home-healthcare scheduling solutions. Born of the firm’s ability to deliver projects off-sight throughout the onslaught of the 2020 pandemic, this program enables stakeholders to respond today vs. responding tomorrow by deploying financially viable, rapid-response patient & physician engagement solutions at scale.

Paving the road ahead: pandemic rapid-response solutions

At a time in history when the financial lifelines of healthcare systems are being challenged like never before, these systems are simultaneously on the frontlines of the vaccination process, working diligently to put an end to this debilitating crisis. Providers were forced into digital transformation responding to Covid-19’s rapid infection rate. Prior to March 2020 most if not all would have scoffed at the notion of increasing telehealth encounters from 10% to 80% in a matter of weeks… let alone months or even years. Taking action, Alithya’s Microsoft Practice stepped in to address the need for cost-effective and secure rapid deployment upgrades to modern healthcare marketing, patient/member customer service, physician referral management and home health scheduling technology. An industry first, Alithya is delighted to announce rapid time-to-value offerings built for today’s challenges on Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 platform:

  • Respond & Recover - Healthcare Marketing Reimagined
  • Respond & Recover - Omnichannel Patient Service Reimagined
  • Respond & Recover - Physician Relationship Management Reimagined
  • Respond & Recover - Home Healthcare Scheduling Reimagined

Digital technologies and strategic partnerships will be essential in advancing this work, and Alithya is prepared to provide its in-house expertise to assist its healthcare customers in advancing their initiatives. Alithya’s extensive experience in harnessing the power of Microsoft technologies will allow the company to simplify emerging models, while assisting customers in managing processes on the most secure cloud platform on the planet. In the weeks and months ahead, as mass vaccination evolves from a reactive to proactive process, Alithya’s work ahead of that curve will help to prepare the world for future threats that once seemed unimaginable.

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