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Published September 12 2019 by Communications Team
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We are very pleased to introduce Alithya's new web portal, designed primarily to foster better communications with our customers, our partners, our employees, and our potential future candidates. With the pursuit of innovation and excellence and the optimal use of digital technologies at the heart of our mission, we naturally applied those principles to building a well-structured architecture, deploying a sleek graphic style, enriching content, and providing additional features, including:

  • The site now offers quick and intuitive access to essential information, as well as a comprehensive overview of our consolidated services offering.
  • More user-friendly and intuitive, the interface invites you to indulge in a variety of multimedia content showcasing the scope of our business strategy, application services, business and data solutions, and analytics projects across multiple sectors.
  • You can also subscribe to our newsletters (from the footer) in order to receive corporate news, as well as more specialized information about our Microsoft and Oracle solutions.
  • The human factor lies at the heart of everything that we do, thus the conveyance of Alithya's commitment to community involvement has also been taken to heart. The new site will also help to convey our corporate mindset to potential new candidates through an enhanced career page featuring testimonials from employees from all walks of life.

Our new website will be vibrant. Our diverse expertise, along with the passion of our professionals for their trade, will ensure that alithya.com is bolstered by new content on a regular basis, which you will be able to access through our blogs, our press releases, and more. As a growing company, you will also be able to monitor important stages of our growth, and to consult financial information prepared for our investors.

Happy browsing!

Groupe Alithya Communications and Marketing Team

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