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Lisa Dunham
2020 Professional Services Industry Trends: Top Organizational Priorities
Professional Services

What’s important to your organization this year? (Besides avoiding the Coronavirus.) Of course a question like this is ...

Andrew Laferla
Operational Transfer Pricing in Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

The OTP Journey Begins - Operational Transfer Pricing in the Cloud. The journey begins! Over the course of the next few ...

Ruston Eads
Ruston Eads is a Microsoft enthusiast ...
Empower Agents with Omnichannel for Customer Service
Customer Service

In today’s uncertain environment, customer service departments are being asked to do more than ever before and are ...

Équipe des communications
Why have the quality assurance specialist join your software development team?

Over the last few years, the demand for faster software delivery has increased. Quick software delivery gives ...

Jay Yadavalli
Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations: Quality Checks at Receipt

A new functionality has been added to D365 FO to allow users to do quick quality checks at time of receipt.  This ...

Steve Sanderson
A senior account executive at Alithya, ...
Handling the Demands of Natural Disaster in the Construction Market

When weather strikes, one of the key challenges is rebuilding. 2017 for example, was one of the costliest years ever ...

Équipe des communications
Who Are "Full Stack Developers"?

In recent years, companies have been looking for more and more full-stack developers. But what does a full stack ...

Dean Porzel
Don’t Forget the ‘P’ in ‘ERP’

The data that is collected in an ERP system, effectively delivered, can drive real bottom-line benefits for ...

Kim Stegall
D365 FOCUS - Alithya Session Schedule

D365 Focus is the premier event for 90 minute deep dive sessions and where technical users, experts and Microsoft ...

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