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Mary Bradley
With a diverse background across, ...
Top 4 Business Benefits of a Business Outcomes Workshop
Business Outcomes

Most of the time, when asked why they failed in a technology initiative, a company will reply that they didn’t get the ...

Nick Boronski
Product Manager - Financial Close & ...
Key Concepts: Account Reconciliation Cloud – Application Design – Standardized Artifacts

Core Components: Standardized Artifacts The prior post in this blog series explains how Display Options serve as a core ...

Dominic Telaro
Digitally Explore a Manufacturing 4.0 Factory Floor
Digital Transformation

The past decade has been filled with advancements in technology and within manufacturing particularly. And as we enter ...

Jennifer Alspach
Jennifer is a seasoned marketer with a ...
2020 Professional Services Trends: How to Attain Speed and Agility in the Digital Age
Professional Services

Since 2014, the professional services industry has experienced exponential growth. Over the past six years, the ...

Reddy Beeram
Reddy currently serves as Director of ...
The Importance of Data in Your Supply Chain

If you’re worried about your supply chain, you’re not alone. When surveyed, 87 percent of chief supply chain officers ...

Vatsal Gaonkar
Business Process Driven EPM Enterprise SKU Usage
Oracle EPM

We are beginning to hear more and more questions on usage of EPM Enterprise SKU. Below is an example where a client ...

Équipe des communications
The Economic Impact of a Platform Like Snowflake

Snowflake's unique architecture enables data analysts, data engineers, data scientists, and data architects to benefit ...

Mike Hull
Alithya UpgradeXpress Solution

Let’s start by answering the question – what is UpgradeXpress? Simply put, UpgradeXpress can be explained in two parts. ...

Oracle EPM System v11.2: Our First Thoughts.
Oracle EPM

11.2 is out! While there hasn’t been a plethora of published material, we have the inside scoop on the latest release. ...

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