Doing the Right Thing

Since the company’s founding in 1992, Alithya has fostered a principled culture of doing the right thing. A core set of values, beliefs, and behaviours has defined our vision and has guided our mission. 


Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues reside in the consciousness of our people, from members of our board to our management team, and our diverse array of professionals. Many of those same issues are of concern to our investors, our partners, and our clients, and extend beyond our ecosystem of stakeholders into the communities in which we choose to do business. 

Alithya’s second ESG report published in September 2023

upwards view of trees and sky representing our commitment to ESG excellence

Our second ESG report takes stock of where we are, where we need to be, and how we intend to get there, aligning our journey with international organizations and standards to help benchmark our progress thus far.


Inaugural ESG report


In September 2022, Alithya launched its inaugural ESG report. The comprehensive document is an important step forward in our commitment to doing the right thing and serves as a benchmarking tool for orientation in terms of where we are, where we want to be, and how we plan to get there.

From seeds to seedlings

As part of our commitment to meeting the expectations of our entire ecosystem of stakeholders, Alithya’s second ESG Report includes third party calculations of our global carbon footprint, as well as metrics established by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Materiality Map for Technology & Communications - Software & IT Services. By identifying subsets most relevant to financial performance and sustainability, Alithya is making informed decisions about the concrete actions that we take.

Beyond the boardroom, Alithya’s mosaic of cultures, nationalities, gender identities, and much more, extending across borders, oceans, and continents, continues to drive our common desire to do the right thing for a planet that we all share.


Our commitment to ESG excellence reflects the core values that Alithya was built upon, and our progress reflects the collective intelligence and social consciousness of our diverse international workforce. Combined, those foundations of strength support Alithya as a force to be reckoned with as we forge ahead down the road to a NetZero future.

Paul Raymond

President and Chief Executive Officer

Our pillars of strength

Our second ESG Report, published in September 2023, focuses on the same five material ESG topics that we identified in our inaugural report, with the addition of concrete actions and increased transparency. The latter has been enhanced by the addition of data from the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), which identifies subsets of ESG issues most relevant to financial performance and sustainability in multiple industries. 



Alithya’s long-term strategic plan continues to embrace its teams at its core. We remain intently focused on attracting and retaining highly skilled professionals from within an extremely competitive market, and on ensuring their career development once they arrive. To keep our finger on the pulse of our international workforce, we leverage data from internal engagement surveys to address issues such as employee well-being and professional growth in a timely manner as we strive to be a best-in-class employer.


  • Where we are: We continue to implement initiatives to bolster our position as a best-in-class employer, including benefit program revisions, the addition and expansion of enterprise resource groups (ERGs), and ongoing investment in the development of our leaders and employees.


  • Where we want to be: Our internal surveys continue to identify wellness as a priority, and we will Invest in further wellness initiatives in all Alithya geographies. We also plan to globalize our ERGs across all our geographies, and to invest the time and resources necessary to ensure their success. Increasing the representation of women at Alithya, both in leadership roles and in general, will also be a priority, as well as evolving learning and development offers for all our employees. 



Organizational culture


As a company leveraging strategic acquisitions to expand our global presence, Alithya’s diverse workforce is comprised of individuals varying in age, geographies, ethnicities, cultural influences, technological specializations, and more. As both our competencies and our diversity increase, we continue to introduce new tools, benefits, and opportunities to ensure an exceptional organizational culture rooted in our core values of trust, respect, integrity, creativity, and passion.


  • Where we are: Alithya’s Volunteering Leave program provided 1,252 hours of paid time off for employees to engage in benevolent activities last year, and the company matched employee donations to charitable organizations in the amount of $125,000. We continue to receive favourable Officevibe survey scores from our employees, including an overall score of 8.5/10 in terms of relationships between employees and their managers.


  • Where we want to be: Alithya will continue to promote and support employee charitable endeavors, and we will develop a roadmap to efficiently manage our charitable donations strategy to maximize the impact of company allocated funding. We will also continue to be guided by feedback from our internal surveys with the intent to integrate diversity, formal practices, tracked KPIs, and intersectionality into our vibrant culture.

Cyber security & data privacy


As a trusted advisor for the delivery of digital transformation services, Alithya’s dogged pursuit of cyber security and data privacy integrity fuels the effective management of our systems. Our robust internal cyber security and data protection processes bolster our ability to protect our employees and our clients, and we proactively deploy updates to our systems and security controls within a security management framework based on ISO 27001 standards.


  • Where we are: We continue to upgrade our security and privacy management framework in accordance with ISO standards. Two of our wholly owned subsidiaries have already achieved ISO 27001 certification and other compliance standards, and we regularly monitor new risks and implement new measures targeting company-wide compliance with international security and privacy standards.


  • Where we want to be: We continue to pursue international certifications and compliance with the highest levels of international cyber security standards, and we are committed to enhancing our third-party security assurance and integration within existing Alithya frameworks. Internally, our cyber security training programs will be ramped up with the addition of training components specifically tailored to employee specializations of our internal audiences.

Transitioning to a lower-carbon economy


Despite a relatively low carbon impact as a service provider in the digital transformation space, we embrace our responsibility in respect to the expectations of stakeholders and the world at large. In addition to ensuring responsible operations internally, we also assist our clients in digitizing processes that contribute to their own carbon footprint reductions.


  • Where we are: Alithya engaged the services of an accredited verification body to develop an inventory of its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, prepared in accordance with ISO 14064-1:2018 standards and Greenhouse Gas Protocol requirements.


  • Where we want to be: The initial inventory, established in fiscal 2023, will serve as a reference point for continuing to do the right thing, with our next inventory results being even more precise. Alithya will also endeavor to obtain Carbon Care Certification® by continuing to develop our GHG emission inventory, including both direct and indirect energy emissions. We will also establish an Environmental Committee comprised of both executive team members and employees to propose and implement tangible initiatives, and we are taking further steps towards carbon neutrality (net zero) certification by offsetting our GHG energy emissions with credits.



Alithya endeavors to ensure that all stakeholders, from our clients to our employees, investors, and partners, have confidence in our strong leadership, our long-term strategy, and our succession plan.


  • Where we are: Alithya has implemented robust Corporate Governance Guidelines, a Code of Business Conduct, and a Whistleblower Policy to ensure strong levels of governance when addressing pertinent issues. Corporate Governance Guidelines dictate the role, specific mandate, and functioning rules of each internal body and committee. Alithya’s Board of Directors oversees multiple committees, including the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee, the Human Capital and Compensation Committee, and the Audit and Risk Management Committee. Additionally, Alithya’s President and CEO is responsible for promoting sustained profitable growth and long-term value creation.


  • Where we want to be: Alithya will continue to monitor legal and regulatory developments, best practices, and stakeholder feedback to review and update our governance framework and policies in line with evolving standards and emerging trends.