Business strategy consulting services that help you come out ahead

Today’s business leaders are charged with maximizing value in an era of fast-paced, increasingly complex transformation. Alithya’s business strategy consultants have the expertise and experience necessary to help your organization adapt, grow, and evolve, all while achieving your business objectives. 


We know that every company is unique, and so too is our approach. Alithya designs tailor-made governance and strategic alignment services to help your company overcome organizational issues and maximize its potential. Our rigorous, results-based methods are flexible and dynamic enough to adapt to your organization’s philosophy and values. 


Our business strategists help you maintain and strengthen your competitive advantage to future-proof your business. We work with you to define your targets and develop a solid digital strategy.  

What Alithya’s business strategy consulting services can do for you:

  • Innovation - Grow your market share 
  • Client relations - Create and improve their experience 
  • Financing - Meet objectives, calculate working capital, achieve solvency 
  • Distribution - Help your product break into a new region 
  • Marketing - Turn opportunities into clients 
  • Services - Developing a consistent approach to offer value 
  • Organization - Run your business more effectively 
  • Integration - Achieve synergy between your business segments 
  • Training - Optimize employee performance 
  • Communication - Deliver the right message at the right time 


No matter your needs or your starting point, we have the capacity and diversity of expertise to help you identify and achieve optimal results. 

Disruption is the new normal – our business strategy services can help

At Alithya, our clients see us as master strategists and trusted advisors. We have a wide range of experience helping businesses devise strategies that tackle their most pressing challenges. 

Consult with us on:

  • Governance (model, evaluation and strategy)
  • Business models
  • Evaluation
  • Strategy
  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational maturity assessment
  • Direction and positioning
  • Business model evolution
  • Strategic monitoring
  • Risk management
  • Organizational assessment
  • Client experience


We have developed a tried-and-true process that we adapt to your specific needs and situation. Working with Alithya means working with a leader in strategy and digital technology. We have the skills to design innovative and efficient digital solutions that will transform your business and drive its growth. 

What can you expect from Alithya’s business strategy consulting services?

Building a solid foundation for success

We begin every project with thorough preparation – or as we like to call it, gearing up for success. We carefully select the best team for the job who then begin to get to know you and your business.


Creating lightbulb moments

We’ve heard your concerns and we understand your needs. At this stage, our business strategy experts will come up with as many ideas as possible. Our goal is to use tools like whiteboards and collaborative debates to create as many ideas and approaches as possible to solve your problem.


Finding the best solution

Now we’ve gathered a ton of valuable data, performed a rigorous analysis, and come up with our most creative ideas. But until we test a solution, we won’t know for sure. We take and test the best ideas, making any necessary improvements until we find the exact right solution.


Preparing you for the future

Your needs and objectives will naturally shift over time. Will you have the same goal in 5 years? In 10? Our business strategy solutions are designed to fit where you are now and where you want go. Business climate is dynamic. We’ll help you build for many years to come.


Learning what drives you

What makes your organization tick? The answer will help us understand where you are right now and where you want to go. We’ll observe your company culture and how things work. We’ll ask a lot of questions. But most importantly – we’ll listen.


Choosing a path

It’s now time to take these ideas and narrow them to the ones that will best help you achieve your business goals. We help you select the approaches with the most potential and develop an action plan. 


Our digital transformation process starts where you are

Alithya has the expertise and experience to support your existing digital strategies or work with your business leaders to develop a digital transformation strategy from scratch. By implementing strategies that evolve with you, we’ll help you navigate the increasingly complex human, business, and technological environment.