Seamlessly plan demand, supply, order fulfillment, and production to improve service, reduce disruptions, and minimize costs.

Your organization needs to safeguard against volatility and adjust to supply chain disruptions to keep operations humming. Yet today, only 21% of supply chain organizations believe they have a highly resilient network, according to Gartner. Many organizations face a lack of visibility into their end-to-end supply chain, the inability to meet changing customer demand, disparate systems, outdated technology, and struggles with business continuity during disruptions.


Additionally, legacy, on-premises supply chain solutions are often heavily customized and require significant resources to maintain and manage. As business demands grow, on-premises infrastructure often struggles to keep up. Heavy customization means the system cannot be updated or it’s expensive to do so. These limitations lead to a high cost of maintaining the prior infrastructure, lower productivity, and lengthened overall supply chain time due to delays in different phases of the process.


After investing in a supply chain management (SCM) solution, clients gain better visibility into their supply chain organization, which allows them to identify issues faster and gather analytics for further improvements. Key results from the investment include better operational efficiency from improved time-to-market and asset utilization, as well as gained insights that translate to increased customer satisfaction and revenue.

How SCM consulting services drive supply chain efficiency

Modernize your supply chain to enhance visibility, improve planning, streamline procurement, and optimize fulfilment. 

Inventory management

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Create multi-dimensional inventory records and track items throughout the supply chain. With accurate inventory status, you can implement effective procedures and maintain complete forward and backward traceability of any material. Manufacturers can minimize over-runs and under-runs and use shelf-life planning to consider expiration dates during production and distribution.

Streamline processes


Manage your resources, streamline logistics, automate procure-to-pay processes, and optimize product deliveries to keep your customers satisfied. Keep everything optimized from sales to delivery with one unified system.

See real-time order information


Optimize inventory levels and ensure on-time delivery by sharing real-time information about specifications, order status, and quality control testing among key departments and trading partners. Check current inventory at a glance and see financials and cash flow with a click.

Enhance sustainability goals


SCM solutions enhance sustainability by improving traceability of materials and goods. Companies can make informed decisions about sustainable sourcing, thereby reducing their environmental impact. Additionally, the efficiency gains achieved through effective SCM tools result in decreased waste, energy consumption, and emissions during production and transportation.

Uncover profitable growth opportunities

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Our SCM consultants meticulously assess your current supply chains, scrutinizing every aspect from strategy and network to processes, organization, systems, and personnel. Beyond mere waste reduction, we specialize in unearthing market opportunities for expansion. Our team will craft a strategic plan to transform these opportunities into reality.

Transform your business and drive growth with ERP solutions

The Alithya team has completed hundreds of ERP implementations for companies world-wide. How do we do it? We work with you to develop a plan rooted in your strategy and backed by our deep industry expertise, all while maintaining the flexibility you need to thrive in a fast-changing market.

We partner with the best in the business

Oracle supply chain management

Named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Supply Chain Planning Solutions, Oracle SCM helps organizations plan demand, supply, order fulfillment, and production intelligently across your supply chain, collaborating end-to-end to increase service, reduce disruptions, and minimize costs. 


Microsoft Dynamics 365 supply chain management

Dynamics 365 SCM helps organizations modernize their supply chain to enhance visibility, improve planning, streamline procurement, and optimize fulfilment. Microsoft Copilot AI is integrated into Dynamics 365 SCM to automate actions in processes using natural language processing-based AI capabilities. 


Ensure a seamless path from production to distribution

You invest a tremendous amount of money and hours developing your product, and the payoff comes when the products get into the hands of your customers. Yet, the supply chain process is filled with potential roadblocks, especially in the transition from production to distribution. A faulty supply chain can have a huge negative impact on the distribution process and on end customers who rely on your products. 

Industry expertise

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Alithya has expertise in helping Healthcare, Life Sciences, Retail, Distribution, and more organizations, and many of our consultants are seasoned industry experts working hands-on with supply chain management. Our supply chain solutions are plugged in and integrated with Oracle Cloud or Microsoft Dynamics 365 and their ecosystem of ERP applications. 


Our expertise includes: 


  • Experience with hundreds of integrations to third-party applications
  • Robust reporting and analytics capabilities
  • We take the time to understand your business to develop a tailored solution to fit your needs
  • Accelerated time to value with an average of 12-month implementation 

Your supply chain management consulting firm

With decades of experience in a variety of industries requiring effective supply chain management strategies, we’re ready to jump in and get your operations running more smoothly than ever. We can select and implement advanced technologies to suit your exact business needs.