Enterprise architecture consulting services

Enterprise architecture is where business meets IT. We developed our practice to help our clients align their IT architecture with their business goals and maximize their value.  


Alithya’s enterprise architecture experts get to know your users’ needs and unique organizational culture. We always keep the future in mind – your organization and its architecture need to stay Agile in the face of rapidly evolving changes. Our goal is to empower your architecture to evolve and thrive in a fast-changing digital landscape and hit your business targets. 


We have countless successful architecture consulting projects under our belt. Alithya’s EA success is grounded in our mastery of best practices, recognized reference frameworks, and applicable methodologies.

Our enterprise architecture services can help your organization with:

  • Business analysis and architecture 
  • Applications architecture 
  • Information systems architecture 
  • Technology architecture 
  • Organizational structure 
  • Guidance and execution 
  • Solutions integration 
  • Change management 
  • Impact analysis 
  • Transformation plans and roadmaps 
  • Knowledge transfer and coaching 

The Alithya way


This step is key. We prepare and assign our best people on the job before starting to get to know you and your business.



What’s important to you is important to us. We listen and learn the what, how, and why of your business. We keep a firm eye on your company culture and its capacity for change. We observe how things work, and we ask a lot of questions. But most importantly, we listen.



Now that we understand your needs, we start brainstorming. We’re open to your suggestions, ideas and concerns, so don’t hesitate to share! We value your expertise as much as the trust you’ve placed in us.


Prototyping & Validation

Now we need to narrow down the ideas from our brainstorming sessions. Data, information, and analysis are one thing, but until a solution is tested, there’s no way to know if it works. Is it taking your business where you want it to go? Can your people get on board with the solution? If you’re not satisfied, we won’t be either. We’ll test the best ideas we’ve come up with so far. Then we’ll go through the process again, making the necessary improvements along the way.

Prototyping and Validation

What’s next?

Your current goal could easily change in five or 10 years. Our solutions are designed to fit your current and future goals. By implementing strategies that evolve, we’ll help you navigate the increasingly complex human, business, or technological environment for many years to come. 

Alithya has the expertise needed to support your existing digital strategies or work with your corporate leaders to develop your strategy from scratch.