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Our professionals in Canada, the United States and internationally share the same passion; to understand every client’s background, current reality and challenges in order to find the technology best suited to help them achieve their goals.

Whether it’s for a huge corporate transformation or just a local application, Alithya offers simple formulas for every need.

A business relationship based on trust

We see our relationship with our clients as a true partnership. We invest time and energy in learning your management style, your values and all the things that make your organization unique. Using this, we work through the projects you entrust us with.

Our approach is both strategic and technical. We work with our clients on a strategic plan and we help them to choose the best approach while tapping into their knowledge of the market.

Multidisciplinary teams working hand in hand on site with the client and at our offices

With our experience, we can determine how appropriate a new technology is as well as its potential for innovation. Moreover, our in-depth study of business architecture provides us with a 360 degree view of how the organization functions as well as its problems.

We offer you multidisciplinary teams whose skills are continuously being developed so we can look at your project from both a technical and a business perspective.

We’re thorough without being ruthless

Whether you allow us to take full control of the mandate or you just need us to assist, we make sure you’re always a part of the process. And we never lose sight of the change management aspect of things. We already know you have the desire for change; but we also consider your ability to adjust to change so your organization can reach its targets and reap the desired benefits. We work with you to ensure your context and culture are respected, so we can help develop your organization’s capacity to face present and future challenges.

A delivery process tailored to meet organizational and project needs

When Alithya joins your team, you can count on specialized experts with sound work principles, quality tools to minimize cost and complexity, the use of established reference frameworks and constant communications between you and us.

Smooth deployment at your pace Delivery modes: the formula you prefer Alithya's Digital Solution Center Quality Assurance Practice The Agile Academy Alithya’s Operational Intelligence Expertise Center Our routine methodologies and approaches

Smooth deployment at your pace

Depending on your situation, you may prefer to have your projects developed on-site in your offices, in close collaboration with your internal teams. At other times, trusting an external team to develop the entire project is preferable. At Alithya, we adapt our formula to stay aligned with your goals and your reality.

Our billing formulas are also very flexible. Whether it is results based, a flat fee, time and materials, a bank of hours, or a hybrid formula, we understand that each client works differently. And we adapt.

Delivery modes: the formula you prefer

Alithya provides guidance in the management of your projects, solutions and operations by collaboratively managing service delivery (co-management) with you. 

Alithya’s unique model for delivering services through co-management relies on sound principles for sustained collaboration.

  • Structured method and governance
  • Strategic business relationship
  • Transparency for a relationship based on trust
  • Proximity to business unit manager
  • Delivery through partnership

Our highly qualified team of experts is recognized for its ability to work collaboratively.

  • Understanding your challenges, issues and objectives
  • Thorough knowledge of best practices and Agile concepts
  • Ability to adapt to the different work environments of our clients

Alithya delivers projects on your premises or in ours, with the formula you prefer.

Alithya's Digital Solution Center

The Digital Solutions Center of Alithya specializes in the transformation and modernization of systems towards new technologies based on industry best market practices in the field of digital technologies.

  • Digital Development Solutions
  • Application support and maintenance
  • Strategic adviser to develop, plan and execute digital transformation
  • JAVA, .NET and Agile Practice Communities
  • Co-management model

Our approach encourages partnership to capitalize on a strong collaboration to allow the prioritization of needs and the sharing of risks associated with the delivery of services.

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Quality Assurance Practice

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The Agile Academy

Digital technology is disrupting traditional work practices. Consumers have become change-makers: they observe, analyze, compare and make choices on a daily basis. 

Agile is not a method. It is a state of mind. Implementing Agile across an organization means being willing to change behaviours and transform the organizational culture. 

Alithya’s Agile Academy is open to all individuals involved in delivering business solutions and interested in learning to self-organize to build a sustainable Agile culture in their organization. At Alithya, we believe that Agile should not be taught using a theoretical approach. That’s why our workshops deliver team-based, hands-on learning.

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Alithya’s Operational Intelligence Expertise Center

Make the shift from a reactive mode to a proactive mode for both your IT management and your business services.

Alithya’s Operational Intelligence Expertise Center (OIEC) provides comprehensive visibility of your IT operations. Our Center of Expertise brings together a team of experienced experts made up of architects, administrators, developers and business analysts. Our resources work in close collaboration with all the client members of the OIEC to get their data to talk and draw value from it.  Make your data work for your business.

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Our routine methodologies and approaches

IIBA BABOK: International Institute of Business Analysis guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® is globally recognized as the standard for business analysis. 

Lean: This business methodology focuses on increasing value to the customer through continuous improvement and respect for people.

BPM: This operations management discipline allows the use of various methods to discover, model, analyze, measure, improve, optimize, and automate business processes. 

Agile: Agility is an incremental, iterative approach to project management that is used in software development. It helps teams handle the unpredictable nature of building software.

TOGAF: The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is a framework for enterprise architecture and a high level approach to design that covers designing, planning, implementing, and governing an enterprise information technology architecture. 

BIZBOK: The BIZBOK, or Business Architecture Body of Knowledge is a set of disciplines, and best practices for business architects and other practitioners to guide them in documenting and managing a formal business architecture.

Today’s pioneers are agile and well aware that they must put their customers’ and employees’ needs first.

For over 15 years, Alithya’s team has been assisting with METRO’s projects in the technology sector. Alithya is an invaluable ally for our company thanks to their in-depth understanding of our operations and their clear desire to propose solutions and formulas that are truly adapted to our reality. What really sets them apart is their commitment to doing whatever it takes every day to help ensure the success of each project. And whenever required, they do so with creativity and boldness.